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Tradeskill missions! What a great concept, group up with your friends and craft together towards a common goal. There are combines required from all the different tradeskill classes, which means that although you don’t need every type of crafter with you, it will go a lot faster if you do. A full group with a mixture of crafting classes can get through the mission in under an hour, whereas attempts to solo it with a single tradeskill class reportedly takes about 4 hours.

Getting a group of crafters together isn’t quite as hard as people once thought, as the tradeskill epic showed us, but before you can go on a mission, you have to have introduced yourself to the the Far Seas Traders via a series of quests on the Moors of Ykesha.

To that end, here is a quick and simple step-by-step guide to getting faction fast in order to take part in the missions. If you are looking for more detailed information, I can recommend Denmother’s reference over at EQ2 Traders Corner for a thorough look at the expansion and changes. Meanwhile, here’s the quick version for those of you who just want to get going.

Travel to the Moors of Ykesha

You’ll need to take a carpet to Sinking Sands and travel to the D.I.R.T.Y. Excavation Site. To get to the landing point, you can climb the wall at -1389,-227,-665 or take the elevator at -1420,-228,-770.

Wait for the Skystrider airship which will take you to the overland zone Moors of Ykesha. There is also a spire, so if you know a friendly sorceror, you can skip the airship and go directly to the zone, although it seems a shame to miss the view.

Once you’ve arrived there, pop by the druid ring at 1760,450,980 and harvest the bush so that you can take advantage of druid portals in the future.

A Cannon to Sail By

Now you should ensure that you can travel back and forth between the Dropship Landing Zone and the rest of the Moors by gaining cannon access. You will need either adventure level 72 or tradeskill level 50 in order to do this quest.

Find Ember Tizzlespring at 1738,451,858 who will tell you about her troubles and offer you the quest A Cannon to Sail By.

Now head over to to 1564,453,817 and use the Upper Dropzone Gnomecannon to travel to U.J.L.

Speak to Dudley Sprocklit at 1405,406,705 standing at the return cannon.

He’ll ask you to collect items in order to fix his cannon. You’ll need to wander around the area behind him to collect 8 ore from the ore bins that the excavation bots are filling. You can gather a fiber from any of of the static “sweeper bots” in the area by right-clicking them for the “retrieve fiber” option.

Report back to Dudley Sprocket and then take the cannon back to the Upper Dropzone in order to tell Ember Tizzlespring that you’ve helped.

Note: various websites state that you have to visit the balloons in order to add them to your list of travel places, like the Kunark sokokar posts. This is not the case and you can travel to all the balloon locations without issue from the start.

Ship Out

Now that you are back at the Upper Dropship Landing Zone, speak to Aymee Quickspoke at 1869,452,845 to get the quest Ship Out to introduce you to the factions of the Moors of Ykesha. She will ask you to find and help the Far Seas Trading Company Liaisons in the area.

If you visit the NPCs in order, you will find each one will port you to the next one. This also ensures that you have decent faction for the areas. As a result, the simplest way to do this quest is to bring along all the harvests, fuel and some portable crafting kits.

Kalvyn has posted full details in Starting out with the Far Seas Supply Division (Ship Out quest walkthrough) which will get you through the quest as quickly and painlessly.

Shopping List

  • 10 bristled pelts
  • 10 cabilis cocoa beans
  • 10 deklium clusters
  • 20 ferrite clusters
  • 10 lichenclover roots
  • 10 raw cranberries
  • 10 redwood lumber
  • 25 entwined filaments
  • 25 redwood kindling
  • 25 silicate sandpaper
  • 25 smoldering coal

In addition, Kalvyn recomments that you take at least two of each of the following:

  • Portable Sewing tables
  • Portable Stove and Keg
  • Portable Woodwork tables

Mission Accomplished

Now you can finally get your mission. Travel to Mara (simplest to use the bell on the Nektulos docks) and you’ll find that the representatives of the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division have been waiting for you.

Speak to Madria Varas at -85,2,104 to get your group crafting missions and you are ready to head off into the great unknown! There are three different crafting missions available which cycle every 24-hours and you can do one mission every day. The rewards are not just faction and coin but also tokens for purchasing from the faction merchant and drops which include rares, new crafting gear and amusing house furniture.

Move on to your first mission using our detailed guide: Tradeskill Missions Made Easy or see the entire list of resources for Far Seas Tradeskill Missions and Faction.


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