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Get the most out of harvesting by equipping yourself with the proper tools. You do not have to wield the tools to get the benefit. You do have to buff yourself up with the tool by right-clicking on it in your inventory. As the buff lasts for 10 days, this is only an intermittent issue. If you are not canceling the buffs, simply remember to click on the items each weekend to ensure that you constantly have the benefits of your tools in effect.

Harvesting tools can be made by woodworkers and tinkers.

Tools made by woodworkers require a minimum level to use but this can be either adventure or artisan level. There are separate tools for each harvesting skill:

  • Pick: Mining
  • Shovel: Gathering
  • Saw: Foresting
  • Fishing Pole: Fishing
  • Trap: Trapping

Tinkered tools require a minimum artisan level to use. They have combined skills and thus there are only three different tools:

  • Pickaxe: Mining
  • Shears: Gathering and Foresting
  • Watersafe Net: Fishing and Trapping

The following is a table of all of the tool types with the requirements and benefits of each:

Type created by Requirements Benefits
Ash Woodworker Level 20 Reduces harvest time by 0.5 seconds
Briarwood Woodworker Level 30 Reduces harvest time by 1.0 seconds
Miscalibrated Tinker Artisan level 30 Reduces harvest time by 1.0 seconds +10 to mining skill, +5 to all others
Teak Woodworker Level 40 Reduces harvest time by 1.5 seconds
Calibrated Tinker Artisan level 46 Reduces harvest time by 1.5 seconds +15 to mining skill, +7 to all others
Sandalwood Woodworker Level 50 Reduces harvest time by 2.0 seconds
Overclocked Tinker Artisan level 66 Reduces harvest time by 2.5 seconds +20 to mining skill, +10 to all others

In addition, there is a level 80 tinkered item, the Collapsible Fishing Pole. This reduces harvest time for fishing by 2.5 seconds and must be wielded in order to fish in the magma of Skyfire.



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