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Kingdom of Loathing is a free, web-based, multi-player, role-playing game based on stick figures and bad puns. You get 40 turns a day which you can increase with food and drink up to a maximum of 200. The game caters for all sorts of gameplay styles with a multitude of zones, optional PvP and a multi-player dungeon, Hobopolis. Not convinced?

Take a look at your choice of classes:

  • Seal Clubber
  • Turtle Tamer
  • Pastamancer
  • Sauceror
  • Disco Bandit
  • Accordion Thief

Obviously, I was immediately intrigued at the idea of playing a Pastamancer but to be honest, what sold me on the game was the Altar of Literacy. Located in Seaside Town, the ghost of the English language has a simple set of questions to prove you understand the most basic of grammar rules before you can use the chat system. That’s when I knew I’d found a home.

Benefits of Kingdom of Loathing

In this day of high-tech MMORPG’s on every corner, why would you waste time playing a web based game with only the most basic of black and white sketches? Kingdom of Loathing has some clear advantages:

  • Log in from any computer, anywhere. If you have Internet connectivity and a browser, you can play Kingdom of Loathing.
  • Fast fix. With only five minutes spare, you can still get ahead in Kingdom of Loathing. And because it’s turn based, you can stop playing at a drop of a hat and pick up the session later.
  • Pause button. When you stop, the world stops. No need to rush to a safe spot or ask people to wait while you log off.
  • Constant Updates. New content is constantly being added and it’s all free!
  • Haiku Chat. Speaking in haiku / Quite strenuously enforced. / How can you resist?.
  • All the cool people play it. It’s true!

The Escapist says that Kingdom of Loathing has 1,000 – 1,500 new players sign up each day and 100,000 – 150,000 regular players. That sounds massively multiplayer to me, so I’ve created a new category here for Kingdom of Loathing updates and guides. The next time you are waiting for your game to patch or worse, stuck in a server queue, why not head on over to Kingdom of Loathing and see what you think?

Meanwhile, I need to get a polka-dot bow tie so I can defeat Beelzebozo, the Clown Prince of Darkness, for my Legendary Epic Weapon. I’ll see you at the Fun House.



  • Tipa wrote:

    While I really enjoyed the game, I found it a bit ‘grindy’ after awhile. I did enjoy the challenge, though.

    It’s massively multiplayer in the same way Solitaire is massively multiplayer. 1,000,000 people may be playing Solitaire at any given moment, but that doesn’t mean much to you.

    Though you can attack other people’s campsites, it’s not interactive. I don’t know about the Hobo city beneath the Kingdom, though. That was said to have multiplayer features but I never had a chance to check it out.

  • Taymar wrote:

    I’ve spent more time on it than Age of Conan now, to be honest.

    I think it’s more multiplayer than solitaire. I see my friends and clan members log in and out and there’s active chat. The game has built in class dependency for a lot of items and food. Hobopolis, the city underneath, is multiplayer, albeit basic. The attacking campsites is a bit silly, I agree, but the real PvP has more to it I thought? (That I haven’t looked at yet)

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