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Spooky! This weekend the virtual worlds are full of haunted houses and special events, all focused around one of my favorite holidays: the Day of the Dead or All Hallows’ Eve. I’ve been out of town and fallen behind but luckily there are lots of people out there making sure the information gets out. Here’s a round up of some great bloggers talking about their experiences online that I’ve collected just for you…

Tipa tells us all about the Loping Plains Haunted House in EQ2:

West Karana » EQ2: The Loping Plains Haunted House. Scared yet?

Loping Plains hasn’t seen THIS much action since the Freethinkers threw that Christmas party and the Pumpkin-Headed Horseman barfed seeds and pulp all over Mayong Mistmoore. Everyone was talking about that for months.

Stargrace fills us in on the Everquest seasonal events: » EverQuest Halloween Events

The costumes are a LOT of fun. You can become pretty much any scary creature at all that’s available in EQ, not to mention the fact that there are accessories! Want to wield a broom? A bucket filled to the brim with treats? Then that’s no problem at all. Looking for free treats and goodies to stock pile? There’s a vendor for that too, and what’s more is that they’re all free, no charge. The costumes do have limited charges, and are no rent which means they’ll poof if you log out for too long (they also dissolve on zoning) but the food (although no trade) will stick around later (I filled up my bags, I couldn’t help it, the stats were so nice!).

Ysharros gives some first impressions of WAR’s open RvR special, the Witching Night:

Witching Night in WAR « Stylish Corpse

So far I’m a little ambivalent about this event, or what I’ve seen of it today — which was only tier 2, with Amariel (the Archmage).

The good includes how much fun it is to have gigantic moshes in open RvR; at one point there were 30+ on the Order side in the Troll Country Witching Night PQ, and probably 20-25 Destruction. We owned them several times over, despite having to continually ask our own side to move back *inside* the PQ area.

No one seems to be blogging about their experiences in Kingdom of Loathing but the KolWiki has all the details you need to follow the event:

Halloween – TheKolWiki

Halloween is that time of year when Adventurers dress up and scam candy off total strangers. Or something. It occurs each Porktober 8. To go trick-or-treating, you need an outfit. Each round of trick-or-treating costs an Adventure, and is available from the main map

And the WoWInsider has a detailed guide for World of Warcraft’s Hallow’s End event:

Hallow’s End 2008 guide (updated) – WoW Insider

And, while these aren’t quests, don’t forget to trick-or-treat at innkeepers all over Azeroth and Outland for various goodies and neat tricks like pumpkin heads, masks, and magic wands. Don’t forget to visit the Wickerman Festival, done at 8:00 pm server time outside of Undercity each night of Hallow’s End.

And finally, a wonderful response from the Lich King regarding the complaints of WoW being overrun by zombies (via Broken Toys):

World of Warcraft – English (NA) Forums -> Announcement from the Lich King;

My deepest apologies.

It is my understanding that my invading forces, in their attempts to besiege your cities and snuff out all life on Azeroth, have inconvenienced the activities of common civilians. In the future, I will ensure that your commanding officers are informed well in advance of planned invasion times so that they may properly fortify themselves.

I have also looked into the issue of my plague being too quick in its purpose and too difficult to cure. Please be reassured that I have taken the matter up personally with my top necromancers and that any further incarnations of said plague should be only a slight challenge for your natural immune systems to overcome. Please forward any additional complaints to either Kel’thuzad or Anub’arak.

the Lich King Arthas.

Hey, all we want to do is eat your brains…

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!


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