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Provisioner’s Mastery is a three volume set of recipe books for provisioners looking to expand their wares beyond the standard fare. The Grandmaster series of quests must be done in order but, whereas other crafters receive an advanced book of their choice, provisioners receive the slim volumes of fun recipes for all the family. You must collect the volumes in order and they are only available to provisioners. The required level for the quest is given with each volume. All of these recipes are fluff: they have no nutritional value whatsoever and can not take the place of standard provisions. However, they can add fun and excitement to your meals as a part of a balanced diet.

Provisioner’s Mastery Volume 1

This initial volume is gained by doing the initial Grandmaster quest, Journeyman Service. You must have level 20 in order to receive the quest.

Beghn’s Death-by-Chocolate Cake

This chococolate cake may not be quite what you expect: it’s for throwing, not eating. This harmless ammunition comes with its own animation for the user and the target. Cover your friends in chocolate for a fatal hit that they might just forgive you for.


Hair of the Dog

Sometimes the hair of the dog is not the best thing for you. The hint is in the description: do not consume in any situation where remaining vertical is desirable. Although one sip of this will leave you flat out on the floor, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can use it to fake your way out of trouble – we can still see you moving!


The Jester’s Cap

“I’m not feeling myself today” is no longer an empty platitude with this tasty drink in a lovely stone stein. Become a denizen of Freeport for a few hours with this 6-hour illusion which randomly selects a newer, more evil you every time you zone.


Provisioner’s Mastery Volume 2

The second volume of the Provisioner’s Mastery series is awarded to provisioners who complete Tradesman Service, the level 35 grandmaster quest. You must have completed Journeyman Service in order to receive this quest. Volume Two includes recipes for Brasse’s Dwarven Battle Bread, Forget Me Not and The Queen’s Masquerade.

Brasse’s Dwarven Battle Bread

You don’t have to be a Dwarf to use this battle bread but it might make it more palatable. Named after everyone’s favorite battle dwarf, Brasse, this sturdy loaf offers 10 charges of “Throw Bread” – for when chocolate cake simply doesn’t send the right message.


Forget Me Not

A sip of this claret-colored liquid will make you look at yourself in a completely new way. You’ll find you can conjure up a mirror out of nowhere for this a silly self-absorbed animation letting everyone know who you love best.


The Queen’s Masquerade

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes with this upmarket version of the Jester’s Cap. Drink straight from the bottle to take on the look of a born-and-bred Qeynos citizen and watch your friends and family stare.


Provisioner’s Mastery Volume 3

The third and final volume (so far!) of the Provisioner’s Mastery series is rewarded for the level 40 grandmaster quest. This book has only two recipes but what wonderful recipes they are: Frizznik’s Projectile Gnomish Pudding is a requirement for every Frostfell table and the Vampiric Toothache is truly one of a kind.


Frizznik’s Projectile Gnomish Pudding

Who would attach a launching system to a chocolate pudding? Silly question, I guess! But you don’t have to be a Gnome to enjoy this great gag: simply target your friends and launch! We do not recommend using this in conjunction with Beghn’s Death-by-Chocolate Cake – it is possible to have too much of a good thing, you know!


Vampiric Toothache

Get your fangs out with this sharp little drink and take a bite on the wild side. This two hour illusion shifts slightly as you zone but you’ll remain well-dressed and mysteriously pale throughout. It just goes to prove that blondes really do have more fun!


Speak to your local Grandmaster to start this quest series and collect your books (and other fun rewards!)


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