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MMORPG Info Logo Virtual Halloween Haunts

Spooky! This weekend the virtual worlds are full of haunted houses and special events, all focused around one of my favorite holidays: the Day of the Dead or All Hallows’ Eve. I’ve been out of town and fallen behind but luckily there are lots of people out there making sure the information gets out. Here’s a round up of some great bloggers talking about their experiences online that I’ve collected just for you…

Tipa tells us all about the Loping Plains Haunted House in EQ2:

West Karana » EQ2: The Loping Plains Haunted House. Scared yet?

Loping Plains hasn’t seen THIS much action since the Freethinkers threw that Christmas party and the Pumpkin-Headed Horseman barfed seeds and pulp all over Mayong Mistmoore. Everyone was talking about that for months.

Stargrace fills us in on the Everquest seasonal events: » EverQuest Halloween Events

The costumes are a LOT of fun. You can become pretty much any scary creature at all that’s available in EQ, not to mention the fact that there are accessories! Want to wield a broom? A bucket filled to the brim with treats? Then that’s no problem at all. Looking for free treats and goodies to stock pile? There’s a vendor for that too, and what’s more is that they’re all free, no charge. The costumes do have limited charges, and are no rent which means they’ll poof if you log out for too long (they also dissolve on zoning) but the food (although no trade) will stick around later (I filled up my bags, I couldn’t help it, the stats were so nice!).

Ysharros gives some first impressions of WAR’s open RvR special, the Witching Night: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Provisioner’s Mastery

Provisioner’s Mastery is a three volume set of recipe books for provisioners looking to expand their wares beyond the standard fare. The Grandmaster series of quests must be done in order but, whereas other crafters receive an advanced book of their choice, provisioners receive the slim volumes of fun recipes for all the family. You must collect the volumes in order and they are only available to provisioners. The required level for the quest is given with each volume. All of these recipes are fluff: they have no nutritional value whatsoever and can not take the place of standard provisions. However, they can add fun and excitement to your meals as a part of a balanced diet.


MMORPG Info Logo In the Grandmaster’s Service

In addition to writs, each tradeskill faction has a set of quests given by the local grandmaster, which will reward you in faction, tradeskill experience, advanced recipe books and in some instances, additional fluff items such as clothing or furniture.

There are grandmasters in all the major tradeskill faction areas:

Name: Grandmaster Kawayzer
Residence: West Freeport
Location: 25,-12,8


Name: Grandmaster Jayak Lat’wasr
Residence: Gorowyn
Location: 2777,123,1183


Name: Grandmaster Feldmanus
Residence: Kelethin
Location: 462,91,363


Name: Grandmaster Zyrythius
Residence: Neriak
Location: -199,-4,246


Name: Grandmaster Kimbialis
Residence: North Qeynos
Location: 335,-20,-101

If you have the appropriate tradeskill level and speak to your local Grandmaster, he will press you to enter into his service and help out. Rewards vary by quest but in every case you will get the choice of a single advanced recipe book for your tradeskill in the appropriate tier. Provisioners, who do not have advanced recipe books, are given special recipe books for the initial quests but not for Senior Crafter Service (see details below).



MMORPG Info Logo D20 Comic Strips: The best of the best

The weather is turning and you are stuck indoors. Your favourite game is down for yet another patch or maybe you are just standing around waiting for the rest of the raid to finally turn up so you can start. A comic strip is the perfect antidote: just a bookmark away, quick to read and easy to put down (for a little while, at least).

There are so many online comics no one could hope to catalog them all and even limiting them down to comics about gaming leaves us with an excess to deal with. But my very favorite comic strips are just that little bit old school: modern online comics about traditional tabletop gaming.

Here are my favorites: a quick taste of the very best tabletop comic strips online today.

In true epic tradition, all of these comic strips are heavy on plot so you’ll want to start from the beginning and work your way forward. It may look like a lot of catching up but I bet you find yourself sighing unhappily when you realise that you’ve reached the end.

No collection of online gaming comics would be complete without mentioning the finest adventurers in the land, The Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew. I can’t help but be entranced by a comic strip that describes itself as being about role playing games, comedy and hot dwarf-on-dwarf action.

Six brave stick-figure adventurers embark on a semi-epic journey to overcome hardship, villainy, and the rules of their favorite fantasy roleplaying game in The Order of the Stick. Read as Roy, Elan, Belkar, and the rest of the OOTS cast face off against power-mad liches, snippy goblin’s henchmen, rebellious teenagers, clown puppets, and their own crushing incompetence.

A hysterical tale of gamers trapped in an epic, DM of the Rings is created from stills (in order) from the Lord of the Rings films. The author describes the scenario more eloquently than I could:

Imagine a gaggle of modern hack-n-slash roleplayers who had somehow never been exposed to the original Tolkien mythos, and then imagine taking those players and trying to introduce them to Tolkien via a D&D campaign.

When DM of the Rings ended, a group of users decided to carry on in the same tradition and thus Darths and Droids was born. Still in progress, this strip is a similar concept (a group of RPG players thrown into an epic plot shown by still frames of the actors) but based on the Star Wars movies.

(One) of our goals is to explain how some of the stranger elements of the canonical Star Wars setting and story might have come to be. The comic takes place in an alternate universe, where Star Wars does not exist. The players don’t know anything at all about Jedi, or Tatooine, or Anakin Skywalker before the game begins. The GM has some sort of storyline and setting details in mind, but not fully detailed. He creates the setting in response to what the players do. If the players make some (not patently ridiculous) assumption, or improvise something in order to explain what they’re doing, then the GM adopts it and adds it to the setting.

A view from the other side of the gaming table can be found in Goblins a long-running comic strip about the trials and tribulations of NPC goblins trying to hold their own against pesky D&D adventurers.

A warcamp of goblins prepare for an attack from a party of adventurers; however, their planning is in vain and the adventurers manage to wipe out the majority of the goblin clan, though at the cost of more than half their own party. In the midst of battle with some of the last survivors, Forgath, the cleric of the adventuring party, realizes that the goblins are not evil and spares their lives, while Minmax, the party’s fighter, gets in a losing battle with Complains-Of-Names, a cunning goblin who broke with tradition to gain the upper hand in the fight. The battle is ended by the intercession of the goblins and Forgath, and the goblins flee their camp.

Now an online comic, the initial strips of What’s New with Phil and Dixie are scanned in. The strip follows Phil and Dixie’s attempts to offer a monthly review of what’s new in the D&D world, with chaotic results.

What’s New ran in Dragon Magazine from 1980-1983. We didn’t have the Web back then, but if we had, we would have put What’s New online. What the heck. Better late than never.

Caveat: This strip contains occasional sexual innuendo.

Unforgotten Realms is a flash series (requires sound) about Mike and Rob, two nerds who want to be heros. The original series starts with Mike trying to explain character creation to Rob.

Unforgotten Realms is the epic tale of Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, the dual nunchuk-wielding sorcerer and Eluamous Nailo, Master Wizard in training (AKA Rob and Mike) and their animated adventures in the Unforgotten Realms (AKA, Mike’s homebrew role playing game).

Dork Tower is much more of a traditional comic and unlike the others you can dip in and out rather than reading the entire strip in order. However, starting from the beginning allows you to really appreciate the character development and what the hell, you weren’t getting anything done today anyway.

DORK TOWER is for anybody who’s ever played Dungeons and Dragons, who’s ever gone to a Star Trek convention, anyone who suspects that Anime is more than just a passing fad, or anyone who KNOWS one of these people. But it’s really for people who know what saving rolls you need to make against a level III Demon, which Classic Trek episodes involved the Prime Directive (and who were the directors), and the names of six minor characters and a dog in the Bubblegum Crisis.


MMORPG Info Logo Purple Shinies

There is a new collection in game! Trinkets: Excavation Trinkets Collection.

The purple shinies which give the excavation trinkets are not visible to the naked eye. In order to see the shinies you must be wearing an Excavation Helmet with the effect of Excavator’s Dedication. It is this which makes the question marks visible to you.

Note: This collection can not be completed at this time (directly after the launch of Game Update 49). Only the worn and broken trinkets are in game; stained and silvered trinkets are not yet available to be collected.

Jimbo McDaniel, the D.I.R.T.Y. Merchant at -1379,-168,-739 in Sinking Sands, has Excavation Helmets for sale but he will not deal with you until you have helped him deal with the curious monkeys. He has a series of four quests which scale to your level. Once completed, he will be happy to show you his wares for purchase.

The Excavation Helmet is available at a cost of 10 [D.I.R.T.Y. Money]. You gain [D.I.R.T.Y. Money] by doing the quests in the Encampment and Excavation sites.

The Live Event is split into two parts and only half of the collection items are currently available. The stained and silvered trinkets can not be harvested until the second half of the event. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Quick Start Guide Game Update 49

You can get the full details from the Game Update 49 patchnotes but here’s a quick start guide so you can jump right in and get D.I.R.T.Y.!

Live Event

The live event for Raising the Banner takes place is Sinking Sands and is full of quests and new items for you to purchase with the rewards. The D.I.R.T.Y. Encampment is visible from the Sinking Sands dock, up on the ridge.

Once there speak to Jimbo McDaniel, the D.I.R.T.Y. Merchant at -1379,-168,-739. You’ll have to do his set of four quests in order to spend the D.I.R.T.Y. money given as a reward by the quest givers. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Top Ten Addicting Flash Games

I was going to write a long article today but a friend of mine stopped me. Over a year ago, I’d posted a link to an addicting game called Boomshine. This morning, he got his revenge : by sending me the same link. Now it seems the day has disappeared without a trace.

Today’s xkcd puts it perfectly: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Duggin the Hungry Halfling

Any time you go harvesting, whether for skill updates or quests or status, you should pop by Thundering Steppes docks and have a word with Duggin the hungry dockworker. He offers a range of repeatable harvesting quests spanning across a varied choice of zones which you can complete at the same time as other quests. The glow of a well-fed halfling should be reward enough but Duggin will also offer you a small amount of tradeskill experience up to level 50 and each quest rewards with a selection of crockery for the ultimate in dining room designs. The pieces are all fully tradeable, so you can also sell them in sets for a frankly embarrassing amount of profit, if you are so inclined.

For the initial quests, gathering and/or trapping are required. Desserts from the Desert also requires foresting. The minimum level for the quest is based on the harvesting skill required to complete the quest. Either adventuring or tradeskill level applies: you simply must have one of the two high enough in order to be able to harvest in the appropriate zone.

Minimum level is based on the lowest level (tradeskill or adventurer) that will allow you to have that skill level.

Tiffin for Duggin
Skill level: 90
Min level: 18
Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens
Reward: A coffee cup or an ornate knife

Home Cooking
Skill level: 140
Min level: 28
Enchanted Lands: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens
Reward: A coffee cup and saucer or a Teir’dal cup and saucer

Filling the Bottomless Belly
Skill level: 140
Min level: 28
Zek: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens
Reward: An ornate dining plate or an ornate fork

Frozen Foods
Skill level: 190
Min level: 38
Everfrost: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs
Reward: Teir’dal shot glass or a dining plate

Hungry, Hungry Halflings
Skill level: 190
Min level: 38
Feerrott: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens
Reward: Tier’dal Cocktail glass or an ornate stein or an ornate spoon

Desserts from the Desert
Skill Level: 240
Min level: 48
Sinking Sands: 100 foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens as well as 100 firewood to cook the food
Reward: A small wooden bowl or a wooden table setting