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If you are on Facebook, you should take a look at the Tiny Adventures, a fun and bizarrely addictive application by Wizards of the Coast. You choose a hero and set out on adventures, hoping for a lucky roll of the dice for the encounters which take place every ten minutes or so.

Although it may initially seem fairly automated, there is a lot you can do to enhance your game and increase your success rate.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. If you have Facebook friends that play, you can buff each other, adding one to every roll of the dice. You can also speed up downtime by healing your friends between adventures.
  2. Make sure to take potions with you on your adventures. You can choose up to two potions at the beginning of the adventure which you can use to increase your abilities or heal hitpoints.
  3. Check the shop after every adventure. By the end of the game you will have more money than you can spend, so don’t worry about saving up. The items available change each time you complete your adventure so it’s worth checking to see if exciting rare potions have become available.
  4. Keep any items that have +hitpoints on them. You can swap out items during an adventure, so when you find yourself starting to bleed, swap out your +stat items for some extra hitpoints as an extra heal.
  5. Choose adventures wisely. Players on the high score table agree that choosing adventures your own level or higher is the way to go.
  6. Select adventures with terrains that play to your strengths – and then supplement the appropriate statistics with a potion or two.
Terrain Primary Statistics
Castle Armor Class Wisdom
Dungeon Attack Intelligence
Forest Attack Armor Class
Graveyard Charisma Strength
Lake Constitution Wisdom
Mountain Dexterity Strength
Swamp Charisma Intelligence
Temple Constitution Dexterity

A game consists of playing a hero from level 1 to level 11. At level 11 you are retired but you can pass on a single item to the next generation – your next hero. Anything with a large amount of hitpoints (15 or more) will have you whizzing through the early levels: The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd (+20 HP, +10 AC, +2 vs. Traps, +4 vs. Magic) shows up in level 10 adventures and is a highly prized hand-me-down.

You can get even more information at the Tiny Adventures wiki which includes detailed adventure encounters so you can optimize your potions and equipment swapping.


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