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Faydark saw the addition of a number of Mastery tomes offering the Lore and Legend quests. Most are local copies of well-known classics although a few are new quests . These four can all be found in Greater or Lesser Faydark and can be much simpler than their traditional locations. The Brownie Lore and Legend will level with you to 60, the other three level with you to 50. I’ve included locations for low level mobs of the appropriate type. For additional locations, take a look at this list by Vy on the official forums.

Be sure to use our Lore and Legend list for the locations of the full set of Mastery Tomes.

Know Your Bixies

Bixie Drafling Tower
Greater Fay

Originally this was one of the most difficult Lore and Legends to complete, with the quest starter buried deep in the Drafling Tower, a dungeon in Rivervale. Meanwhile, the dungeon no longer has a an access quest and the level cap has raised so that it’s possible to travel through the hive without danger from the mid-40s heroic bixies. The book is in the middle of the dungeon, in a secret panel of a bookcase high on the ledge of the room.

It is far simpler to travel to Greater Faydark and pick up your copy of Know Your Bixies there. You’ll find it in a building to the west of Crushbone Keep. When you enter the building, you’ll see a dwarf working on a forge. Further in the room is a wooden crate guarded by a level 19 Crushbone watchman which holds the book.

Greater Faydark is also home to low level bixies waiting for the slaughter. Head to the Valley of the Great Swarm where you’ll find large amounts of bixies ranging from level 6 to 8.

Travels in a Remote Corner of Faydark

Brownie Lesser Fay -90,-55,-204

Brownies are a new race in Faydark although players of the original Everquest will recall these as the sole provider of chocolate. The only known Brownie village is in Lesser Faydark.

The Mastery tome is at the Lower Grove station. It is tucked under the rear mat in the tent near the stable master. From Lower Grove, you should follow the path towards Greater Faydark to find the village of Panderpana in the north east corner of the zone. The brownies are in their low 50s and the village denizens are heroic but in the area underneath the ledge where the village is perched there is a population of non-heroic brownies in small groups.

Life Among the Goblins

Goblin Enchanted Lands
Greater Fay

The original copy of this tome is in Enchanted Lands, a tier 4 overland zone. The book is easy and relatively safe to pick up. If you follow the coast to the Great Guard you will find that here are convenient cubbyholes in the Wall for the guard to relax off shift. Chaplain Graveguzzle is warming at the stove of this one, where the book can be found in the far left bookshelf.

The new copy is in the Nursery area of Greater Faydark. You’ll find the book lying on a bookshelf behind the banker.

This area in Greater Faydark also contains the lowest level of goblin (around the lake, ranging from level 2 to 4) which you can wipe out quickly in order to collect your body parts.


Skeleton Stormhold

Skeletons was written by one of my favourite authors in all of Norrath, a half-elf student named Trinni Mellosius. Trinni has a habit of driving her teachers to distraction with her essays and clearly she upset someone enough that the book was hidden in the haunted library of Stormhold, a second tier dungeon in Antonica.

If you have unlocked the backdoor of Stormhold previously, you can travel there rather than through the full dungeon to reach the library.

If you haven’t, then you’ll have to enter Stormhold from the main entrance. To get to the library, take the second door on the east side and follow the path around to get to the stairs at -143,5,-97 to get to the lower level. Continue on to the drained pool at 11,-24,-121 and click on the drain to zone through. The area is guarded by 23-24 heroic mobs.

Skeletons is a green book lying on the floor next to an overturned bookcase.

Fortunately, there is now an easy-to-reach copy in Kelethin, the treetop village in Greater Faydark. To find it, travel to the platform with the bank. On the north side of the platform there is a small building, the residence of Glavarius Marud. In his bookshelf you will find a copy of Skeletons.

Every starting area has its own infestation of skeletons, making this one of the easiest to complete.

If you picked up the Kelethin book, you can run straight over to the Greater Fay wizard spires near the Steamfont zone line, where you will find low level skeletons gathering.

Freeport residents may wish to travel to Wailing Caves, a dungeon found in the northeast of Commonlands.

If you live in Neriak, you surely already know that Darklight Woods is teeming with low level skeletons.

Qeynos residents should head for Caltorsis Ruins

Gorowyn residents should take the griffon to Mok’s Rent and head south towards the Ruins of Verelisk (the Bloodworks) where they will find many solo skeletons both inside and out of the ruins.


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