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Game Update 48 went live on Wednesday with new quests to do with the upcoming Odyssey expansion and the long awaited guild halls as well as a new tier 8 group instance in the Fens of Nathsar.

There are a lot more changes, including a revamped Everfrost, that you can read about on the official patch notes. Meanwhile, here’s our quick start guide to some of the new content.

Guild Halls

To help build the guild halls, travel to the docks of Antonica or Commonlands, depending on your alignment. The builders are in need of more raw materials and you’ll be ask to provide them. You can choose what tier and what type of forage. Travel to the correct zone, harvest twenty items of the specified type and return to the docks.

These quests reward in status (as well as AA the first time you complete a quest). There are additional fluff rewards for having completed 10, 20 and 30 quests. I received just over 15,000 guild status points per tier 8 harvesting quest.

Chips Ahoy

The Seeress has been murdered! There are two versions of this quest, good-aligned in North Qeynos and evil-aligned in Gorowyn. Although Gorowyn is safe for good-aligned characters, it is not possible for them to get the evil version of the quest.

In North Qeynos, speak to Shepherd Bainyn Fairwind about his Celestial Watch bone chip collection for the quest Brittle Chips Ahoy.

Travel to Antonica and around the Qeynos gates you will see lumps of bones glowing with a cyan flame. Unsettle the bones to spawn a brittle Antonican resident of your level. Kill it and loot the corpse to receive a brittle bone chip. Collect 10 and return to Fairwind.

In Gorowyn, speak Evdokia who is in the pools near the prophet of Bertox. She will give you the quest Diseased Chips Ahoy.

Exit Gorowyn and take the griffon to Mok Rent. Head south across the bridge and you’ll see scattered bones, glowing fuchsia. Unsettle the bones to spawn a brittle sathirian guard of your level. Kill it and loot the corpse to receive a brittle bone chip. Collect 10 and return to Evdokia.

In either case, you can hail the orb to see how your server is doing. A further live event will be made available once the orb is full.


This ancient Iksar city lies hidden in the depths of the Lake of Ill Omen in the Fens of Nathsar.

From Omen’s Call Docks, swim south west towards the shipwreck. At 632,-183,290 you will find bubbles rising from sunken ruins and a door leading to Veksar. This leads to the group instance Veksar: The Invasion. Every member of the group will need to swim to the door and enter.


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