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There are grandmasters in every main tradeskill area with quests to offer tradeskillers of the appropriate level. These quests follow a set pattern: go into a specified zone to harvest material and craft items appropriate to your subclass using these materials. The quests offer tradeskill experience, faction and an advanced recipe book for the appropriate tier (provisioners are offered additional recipe books for all but the final quest) as their reward.

In this MMORPG-Info exclusive, we have traveled around Norrath to meet these paragons of trade and introduce them to our readers. In the process, we think we made have found out what it takes to reach this pinnacle of success!

Name: Grandmaster Kawayzer
Residence: West Freeport
Gender: Male
Race: Barbarian
Location: 25,-12,8


Name: Grandmaster Jayak Lat’wasr
Residence: Gorowyn
Gender: Male
Race: Barbarian
Location: 2777,123,1183


Name: Grandmaster Feldmanus
Residence: Kelethin
Gender: Male
Race: Barbarian
Location: 462,91,363


Name: Grandmaster Zyrythius
Residence: Neriak
Gender: Male
Race: Barbarian
Location: -199,-4,246


Name: Grandmaster Kimbialis
Residence: North Qeynos
Gender: Male
Race: Barbarian
Location: 335,-20,-101


Yes, it’s true. Every single grandmaster is male and of the Barbarian race. I know these don’t necessarily look like your typical Barbarian – it seems perhaps there has been some interbreeding with other races, maybe? However, the fact remains that each Grandmaster is very clear that he is of the Barbarian race.

You can check the race of an NPC using %r. Walk up to your local grandmaster and ask him yourself! Here’s the syntax:

%t knows that %s is a %r. ([target] knows that [he/she/it] is a [insert race here])

So, this is either a case of race mutation or proof that extreme crafting causes a form of mass delusion.

Remember: if you really want to make it in the crafting world, you need to be a Barbarian male. You heard it here first.


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