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MMORPG Info Logo Developers Focus on Gold Selling

The hot topic of the week is online gold and Real Money Trading (RMT). Players are buying in-game cash, levels and gear and there is no shortage of companies now happy to supply them, despite serious attempts by game producers to gain control of the issue. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Harvesting by Zone

We have a great harvesting reference table on the site which breaks all the harvests by type and tier but it doesn’t tell you where to go to get the goods! Often I know exactly what I need but I have to think about where to get it, especially in the middle zones. Much simpler now with this handy-dandy list of the various zones listed by the tier of their harvest nodes, especially for those zones with multiple tiers!



MMORPG Info Logo Roundup: Management Changes at Funcom

Have you heard that things are changing at Funcom? Gaute Godager has been replaced by Craig Morrison as the new Producer and Game Director for Age of Conan. Here’s a quick round-up of the relevant posts to make sure your up-to-date. Got an opinion or more information? Leave a note in the comments!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Funcom appoints new Producer and Game Director for Age of Conan

Former Producer and Game Director Gaute Godager has chosen to resign from Funcom after working on Age of Conan since the initial conception, and he leaves the company after 16 years. Godager was one of the original founders of Funcom, and leaves a large legacy, having contributed to making Funcom the largest MMO company in Europe. “I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with. I have decided to act on this, and as a result I have chosen to leave Funcom. It is time to get new, fresh eyes on Age of Conan, and I wholeheartedly support the appointment of Craig.”

Silirrion Speaks

Letter from the Game Director- Anarchy Online Bulletin Board

There isn’t any easy way to start this letter to the community. For me personally it’s definitely a little sad to be here writing this to all of you that have made my time as Game Director on Anarchy Online so very special. As many of you will already know it has been announced today that I have been asked to take a new role leading up the team on Age of Conan.

Greetings! – Age of Conan Forums

It’s definitely a little strange to be back here on the forums after having been involved in starting up the original Age of Conan community over three years ago (and a big hello again to those of you who have been around since those early days!). I have been very excited to see how the game and the community around it have developed since then and I am thrilled to have this chance to guide and support your adventures in the world our team here has crafted and built with such hard work and dedication.

Initial Reactions are Positive

Age of Conan Forums

It is the best news AoC could have got. I am very sad because Sil was an excellent GD for AO and I fear the void he will leave behind will be too great to fill

I’ve been back playing more AO than AoC lately, so I’m really torn over deciding if this is good or bad. Good for AoC no question though.

Age of Conan Forums

He has been the GD at Anarchy Online. I can tell you from personal experience that he was the best thing to happen to that game. He cleaned up a lot of problems and added a lot of new content for both the hardcore gamers and casual/social players. You should expect to see interaction and communication with the community vastly improve.

Can Craig turn the game around? Well the announcement has convinced me to leave my subscription running for just a little bit longer, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. However, I may give it a month or two before giving it another serious go.


MMORPG Info Logo Collections in the Wailing Caves

Wailing Caves has four full collections:

Plain beetles
Spotted beetles
Striped beetles
Iridescent beetles

In addition, you can collect shattered, weathered and cracked orc bones there.

I sat in the dungeons and collected until I received the full set of all beetles.

Here are the stats:

129 ?’s harvested in total
57 of them were bones
72 of them were beetles

Of the 57 bones I found:
9 cracked orc bone
20 shattered orc bone
28 weathered orc bone

Of the 72 beetles:
11 were striped
18 were spotted
32 were plain

Singles at the end of the run:
20 were green of which one was striped
18 were spotted of which one was purple and one was yellow
10 were black of which one was striped

I had duplicates of all beetles except those above (green striped, purple spotted, yellow spotted, black striped).

The black striped beetle was the last one of the set I collected.


Ulija, full-time templar and occasional mathmo, did some number crunching and to our bemusement, she found that the expected number of “?” you need to pick up to get a full set is 72. Perfect!

However, she warns:

These give an unusual distribution and it’s essentially because of this: your chances of getting the last missing beetle per ? doesn’t get any better no matter how many you have already. This means the distribution has a LONG tail. If they all drop equally then to be 99% sure you’ve got the lot, you’d need to collect 149. It gets much much worse if there’s a rare.

After collating the data, I remained in the zone and harvested half a dozen more sparklies … and got another black striped. I was almost tempted to try to get a second set but then sanity kicked in.


I really don’t think this collection is worth it. I completed the set so that Paxmar would have it as she really can’t afford to skip any. In general I don’t think I would bother.


MMORPG Info Logo Tiny Adventures

If you are on Facebook, you should take a look at the Tiny Adventures, a fun and bizarrely addictive application by Wizards of the Coast. You choose a hero and set out on adventures, hoping for a lucky roll of the dice for the encounters which take place every ten minutes or so.

Although it may initially seem fairly automated, there is a lot you can do to enhance your game and increase your success rate.

Tips and Tricks: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Bixies, Brownies, Goblins, and Skeletons

Faydark saw the addition of a number of Mastery tomes offering the Lore and Legend quests. Most are local copies of well-known classics although a few are new quests . These four can all be found in Greater or Lesser Faydark and can be much simpler than their traditional locations. The Brownie Lore and Legend will level with you to 60, the other three level with you to 50. I’ve included locations for low level mobs of the appropriate type. For additional locations, take a look at this list by Vy on the official forums.

Be sure to use our Lore and Legend list for the locations of the full set of Mastery Tomes.

Know Your Bixies

Bixie Drafling Tower
Greater Fay

Originally this was one of the most difficult Lore and Legends to complete, with the quest starter buried deep in the Drafling Tower, a dungeon in Rivervale. Meanwhile, the dungeon no longer has a an access quest and the level cap has raised so that it’s possible to travel through the hive without danger from the mid-40s heroic bixies. The book is in the middle of the dungeon, in a secret panel of a bookcase high on the ledge of the room. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Choosing Your Class

Warhammer is almost upon us! If you are a part of the Open Beta it looks like you’ll be playing this weekend! The headstart program begins the following week. The rest of us will have a bit longer to wait with general access beginning on September 18th.

If you are looking for the nitty gritty from beta, you won’t do better than the Classy Gamer Warhammer Online Beta Review.

But what about the classes? There’s plenty of detail about them, too. We’ve made a collection of some of the most useful raves and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Class Overviews

The Warhammer classes (known as careers) are based around four archetypes: tank, melee, support and ranged. The following guides talk about the classes in general with an overview of the class mechanics from beta.

Individual Class Reviews

The following is Cart’s collection of detailed class reviews – thank you Carts – which might be a little bit biased towards destruction.

And if that is all too serious for you, then head over to Killed in a Smiling Accident to read about The Lost Classes. It had me in stitches but now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, I’m pretty sure Dwarf Beer Master would suit me to a tee.


MMORPG Info Logo GU48 Quick Start Guide

Game Update 48 went live on Wednesday with new quests to do with the upcoming Odyssey expansion and the long awaited guild halls as well as a new tier 8 group instance in the Fens of Nathsar.

There are a lot more changes, including a revamped Everfrost, that you can read about on the official patch notes. Meanwhile, here’s our quick start guide to some of the new content.

Guild Halls

To help build the guild halls, travel to the docks of Antonica or Commonlands, depending on your alignment. The builders are in need of more raw materials and you’ll be ask to provide them. You can choose what tier and what type of forage. Travel to the correct zone, harvest twenty items of the specified type and return to the docks.

These quests reward in status (as well as AA the first time you complete a quest). There are additional fluff rewards for having completed 10, 20 and 30 quests. I received just over 15,000 guild status points per tier 8 harvesting quest.

Chips Ahoy

The Seeress has been murdered! There are two versions of this quest, good-aligned in North Qeynos and evil-aligned in Gorowyn. Although Gorowyn is safe for good-aligned characters, it is not possible for them to get the evil version of the quest.

In North Qeynos, speak to Shepherd Bainyn Fairwind about his Celestial Watch bone chip collection for the quest Brittle Chips Ahoy.

Travel to Antonica and around the Qeynos gates you will see lumps of bones glowing with a cyan flame. Unsettle the bones to spawn a brittle Antonican resident of your level. Kill it and loot the corpse to receive a brittle bone chip. Collect 10 and return to Fairwind.

In Gorowyn, speak Evdokia who is in the pools near the prophet of Bertox. She will give you the quest Diseased Chips Ahoy.

Exit Gorowyn and take the griffon to Mok Rent. Head south across the bridge and you’ll see scattered bones, glowing fuchsia. Unsettle the bones to spawn a brittle sathirian guard of your level. Kill it and loot the corpse to receive a brittle bone chip. Collect 10 and return to Evdokia.

In either case, you can hail the orb to see how your server is doing. A further live event will be made available once the orb is full.


This ancient Iksar city lies hidden in the depths of the Lake of Ill Omen in the Fens of Nathsar.

From Omen’s Call Docks, swim south west towards the shipwreck. At 632,-183,290 you will find bubbles rising from sunken ruins and a door leading to Veksar. This leads to the group instance Veksar: The Invasion. Every member of the group will need to swim to the door and enter.


MMORPG Info Logo Grandmasters Exposed

There are grandmasters in every main tradeskill area with quests to offer tradeskillers of the appropriate level. These quests follow a set pattern: go into a specified zone to harvest material and craft items appropriate to your subclass using these materials. The quests offer tradeskill experience, faction and an advanced recipe book for the appropriate tier (provisioners are offered additional recipe books for all but the final quest) as their reward.

In this MMORPG-Info exclusive, we have traveled around Norrath to meet these paragons of trade and introduce them to our readers. In the process, we think we made have found out what it takes to reach this pinnacle of success! [More…]