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Finally the last stage of the puzzle has come clear.

Unlock the Mines of Moria has updated and now you can complete the puzzle with one last easy step:

Apply for the Mines of Moria beta and you will receive the fifth and final star.

You should notice a pulsating star in the gateway. Click on that and a new window will come up with a form so that you can apply to take part in the beta.

As a reward for applying, you will gain a high resolution image (click on the star after you’ve finished submitting the form). If you have completed the other four stars already, you will receive your final reward in your email after you have registered.

You do not need to have completed the other stars in order to apply for the beta but with our step-by-step guide, it’s easy!

The first star is gained by registering on the site.

Then you need to play the three mini-games. Each of the mini-games has three deeds, all three of which must be completed for the game star. Once you have completed the three deeds for any given game you will unlocks a high quality image to do with the Mines of Moria expansion.

Here is a full list of the mini-games on Unlock the Mines of Moria, links to our helpful hints and tips and the individual deeds per game.

King Under the Mountain

Gameplay Spoiler

  • Warmonger: Take a total of 300 territories
  • Dwarven Crown: Conquer all the territories seven times
  • High Roller: 20 rolls of 30 or more

All the deeds can be completed in single-player mode.

Swig and Toss

Gamplay Spoiler

  • Dead Eye: scoring 35,000 or higher in a single game
  • Last Man Standing: 10 multiplayer victories
  • Mead-iator: 99 swigs

Dead Eye and Mead-iator can be completed in single-player mode.

Eleventy-Seven Morsels

Gameplay Spoiler

  • Stuffed Hobbit: win ten snack-sack victories
  • Fourth Meal: a four-move chain
  • Reap What You Sow: win ten score-bin victories

All the deeds can be completed in single-player mode.


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