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The initial void tempest storm quest was perfect for Paxmar because she could keep repeating the quest without having to fight anything. She quickly gained level 17 and I decided to keep doing the quests for one more level.

I was about 82% into the level when I had a dream about a gnome with crazy hair and reflective glasses informing me that she was going to delete her character off of my account if I didn’t find her something else to do soon.

I took some time out to do the Grandmaster quest and picked up a bit of exploration experience to bump her level up a bit. From there, it was only a few more Void Tempests to get her to 18. It was time for a break.

I’d been waiting to be able to start going through the racial book quests, which I love. I started going through all the History Of… books available from the Mage tower. I managed Book 1 and 2 of most of the good side races, although there are a few locations in Thundering Steppes and Nektulous that I can’t reach.

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Paxmar’s version:

Well, the last thing I wrote about was these odd storms popping up all over Norrath. Since then it’s become a lot more frightening! The storms seem to be multiplying and it seems that they are trying to attack Norrath!

The Seeress Ealaynya is struggling to fight against them and gave me a magic potion she called Aab’l Hayat to reverse the effects of those poor creatures trapped within the storms. There were horrible creatures escaping from the storms as well, void beasts with evil intent. They disappeared quickly enough but I’ve never seen anything so frightening. But I kept at it until I was ready to fall over with exhaustion.

The mages of the Concordium gave me a new title of Tempest Chaser and showered me with gifts as a thank you, including a rather experimental icon that makes me fizzle and zap almost as if I am a storm myself! But in the end the darkness grew stronger and the storms began to emit more dark beings. The Seeress said that she no longer felt it was safe for me to try to save the creatures trapped in the storm.

The Concordium have decided to do battle against the beasts that are coming through the storms, which they feel are amassing to create an army. I do not know if that is true but I fear for our future.

In these dark times I turn to my books. I have been reading the histories of the races that I found at the mage tower and revisiting some of the locations they write about. This travel is important to me as I can’t help but fear that Norrath may be about to change forever, and not for the better.

I hope the Seeress can learn more about these Void Tempests and help us to understand what they mean and how we can stop them from breaking through.

Someone mentioned that I can get the evil side History Of … books in Kelethin or Gorowyn. I need to go take a look and do them before I get too much higher. Book 1 is already gray.

A big thanks to Rowenash for pointing out that I can get around the broken EQ2players by using Paxmar’s sig file. This is an image of the information, so that it won’t update.

Next: Sinking Sands and Frostfell


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