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Tradeskilling is becoming an increasingly broad part of playing Everquest, with quests and Epic rewards.

How do you get started? The first step is to become an artisan. Hailing people around the tradeskill areas will generally do the trick but if you want to be sure, find someone with a title of Crafting Trainer. They will start you off as a level two artisan with a copy of Artisan Essentials Volume 2.

Then you should speak to a tradeskill delegate and get started on the tutorial. It’s not only a useful primer in crafting, it also awards large amounts of experience for very little effort! The delegates have a title of “Tradeskill Tutorial” to make sure that you can’t miss them.

Take a look at the Ultimate Tradeskill Tutorial Tutorial for everything you need to know to get to level 10 in record time.

At level 9 and level 19, you will have to speak to a Crafting Trainer to progress your craft by choosing a specialization.

If you change your mind about a specialization, you should speak to a Tradeskill Career Counsellor who will reset you to Artisan level 9. This means you lose all levels and the recipes you gained after level 9 in order to allow you to choose new specializations. You can then go directly to a Crafting Trainer who will give you level 10 in the profession of your choice.

Details for these NPCs in the tradeskill areas is listed per starting city:


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