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Tradeskilling has vitality for bonus experience, just like adventuring does. A new character is created with zero vitality. As a result, you should wait a day or two before starting your tradeskill to build up vitality. This will give you double experience for every combine.

First: claim your free bag by typing /claim and choosing the Veteran Reward Pack – 1 day. This will give you a Bag of Endless Adventure with 12 slots. You get one reward for every new character. I would recommend against using the potions that give a bonus to experience at low levels: you will find these much more useful at the high end when things get slow.

Second: speak to a tradeskill delegate. They tend to hang around in tradeskill areas and you can always ask a guard to show you to “Tutorial” and he should point you straight to one.

Freeport: speak to Vissa D’Dbth. She is in West Freeport on the South side of the tradeskilling building at 31,19,111

Gorowyn: speak to Rozokal Niba’mok. She is located at 2744,123,1130 in The Wards

Kelethin: speak to Ikile Harmonia. She is standing outside of Tunare’s Pages at 468,93,333

Neriak: speak to Szinjss X’Vemtor. He can be found at -174,-0,302 in the Neriak Down Below

Jason MerrytoeQeynos: speak to Jason Merrytoe. He is in North Qeynos at 342,-21,-95

The village tradeskill instances in Freeport and Qeynos also have tradeskill delegates. You can do the tutorial in any starter village by using the instance.


The initial quest, Tutorial: Learning to Harvest, is optional. However, it will reward you with a meager harvesting bag (10 slots, carries unrefined tradeskill components) which may be useful to new characters.

You’ll be asked to collect:

  • 10 severed elm
  • 10 roots
  • 10 tin
  • 5 lead
  • 3 fish
  • 2 jumjum
  • 5 pelts

Previously harvested items will not count. You will not get credit for broker purchases. If you do not want to go out harvesting then you should skip this optional quest. However, if you don’t have the raw resources for starting crafting and you need to get your various harvesting skills up to 20 anyway, you may as well take the quest and get the bag.

Note that this is not what you will need for completing the tutorial; see the shopping list at the bottom of this post. However, clearing nodes should mean you harvest the necessary loam and malachite in addition to these items so once you’ve completed this quest, you should only need to purchase the fuel items needed from the wholesaler.

Learning to Craft

The tradeskill tutorial leads you from level one to nine with a minimal number of combines.

Tutorial: Forging Ahead is the first required quest in the sequence. Your delegate will give you one coal and a copy of Artisan Essentials Volume 1 which contains the candelabra recipe that you need to create.

Presuming you are at full vitality and gaining double experience for every combine, creating a pristine simple candelabra will give you 19% of level 2.

The quest will give you the remaining 81% of level 2 and 99.9% of level 3. As you can see, the tutorial makes for incredibly fast leveling. You will also get your initial recipe books for free rather than have to purchase them from a Crafting Trainer.

The remaining quests follow the same sequence. Create one or two items and return to the delegate for experience and another recipe book which you should scribe immediately.

Tutorial: Forging Ahead
Simple Candelabra

Tutorial: Countering Problems
Lead Bracelet
Work Bench

Tutorial: Learning to Cook
Jum Jum Cider
Stove and Keg

Tutorial: The Art of Weapons
Elm Greatstaff
Woodworking Table

Tin Hand Axe

Tutorial: Scribing Scrolls
Scroll of Arcane Bindings
Engraved Desk

Tutorial: Alchemical Experiments
Essence of Intervene
Chemistry Table

Tutorial: Essential Outfitting
Tin Chainmail Coat

Rawhide Leather Backpack
Sewing Table

The final quest in the series rewards the Artisan’s Tunic. This tunic offers +2 to stamina, agility and wisdom, +5 to health, +15 to power and +1 to each of the crafting skills.

You must be a level 5 Artisan to wear it.

Choosing a Profession

Speak to a crafting trainer to choose your specialization as soon as you receive level 9. If you have not completed the tutorial, speak to the trainer first (who will effectively give you a free level) and then carry on with the tutorial to gain experience in level ten. Any experience put into level 9 is wasted.

In addition, you will not be able to progress beyond level 9 until you choose a profession (Craftsman, Outfitter or Scholar). Once you speak to the trainer, you will receive level 10 in the profession of your choice.

Supplies Required:


  • 1 Jumjum
  • 5 Lead Cluster
  • 2 Leaded Loam
  • 5 Rawhide Leather Pelt
  • 6 Root
  • 3 Rough Malachite
  • 5 Severed Elm
  • 7 Tin Cluster

From the Wholesaler:

  • 1 aerated mineral water
  • 1 candle
  • 2 coal
  • 1 filament
  • 1 incense
  • 1 sandpaper
  • 1 walnut kindling



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