MMORPG Info Logo Just the Facts: Fan Faire 2008

So the Las Vegas Fan Faire 2008 was a big success and news is making it onto the community sites. Discussions are quickly getting heated and misinformation is already starting to spread.

In order to keep things on an even keel, here’s a quick collection of eye-witness reports and opinions to get you up to speed quickly on the released information. Feel free to add other links and additional details in the comments.

Fan Faire Banner

Fan Faire blog offers quick notes about the new expansion:
The Shadow Odyssey News Rollup

Niami writes about guild halls:
Fan Faire 2008 Guild Hall Preview

Massively interview Bruce Ferguson about the new expansion:
Exploring the Shadow Odyssey

Allakhazam and SOE join up to create EQ2 database on
Allakhazam announces, SOE Partnership

Ogrebear wonders if this will kill community sites:
Disappointed by the Zam.Com Announcement

I have to admit that I’m wondering about the community aspects of this. It doesn’t seem to bode well for sites like mine.

Photographs from the Fan Faire:
Flickr Fan Faire Group


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