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Tradeskilling in Neriak takes place in the underbelly of the city, in the dark, dank caves of Neriak Down Below. You’ll find cave entrances in the area near the Dockside Markets, either side of Adamant Armor. It may not sound the most appealing location but here the Dark Bargainers offer everything a tradeskiller could desire.

Although the location is a bit odd, the process is the same as in other starter zones. When you begin tradeskilling, you are unskilled and referred to as an artisan. As you progress, you will be asked to choose your subclass (scholar, outfitter, craftsman) and eventually your class which will allow you to progress to level 20 and begin doing tradeskill writs.

  • Speak to the trainer or the tradeskill delegate to start as a level two artisan.
  • Speak to the delegate to start the tutorial for detailed explanations of the tradeskilling process and fast experience.
  • Speak to the trainer to choose your specializations at level 9 and 19

Szinjss X’Vemtor is the delegate offering the Tradeskill Tutorial in Neriak. Speak to him to jump to level 2 and get started with your tradeskill career. He’ll then offer you a set of quests to progress you as an artisan at double-speed.

He is located at -174,-0,302

Dilxena D’Xeep is a Crafting Trainer who can get you started as an artisan by increasing your level to 2 and giving you a copy of Artisan Essentials Volume 2. Speak to Dilxena at level 9 and level 19 to choose your tradeskill specializations.

She is located at -186,0,310

Vier N’vul is a Tradeskill Career Counsellor who will allow you to change your tradeskill class choice. This will reset you to level 9 artisan and you will lose all your sub-class and class recipes. Vier is slightly out of the way, in the cave near the north entrance rather than in the room with the other NPCs.

You can find him at -152,-5,256

There are bankers and brokers above ground in Neriak but you’ll find additional representatives in caves. There are many other NPCs in the area, including fuel merchants and writ givers.


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