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Starting a tradeskill in the world of Norrath is fairly straight-forward but it can be helpful to know where the various NPCs are located for the various starting locations.

New characters beginning in Greater Faydark will find that they start gameplay in the Nursery, which does not have a tradeskilling area at all. You will have to wait until you arrive at the platform city of Kelethin – a safe enough journey if you stick to the path – in order to get your basic teachings and to follow the tutorial. For tier one forages, harvest the nodes around the nursery and at the base of Kelethin. As you move further out, you will find the forages shifting to tier two.

Outside of Tunare’s Pages you will find a trainer and a tradeskill delegate to help you get started.

  1. Speak to a Crafting Trainer who will give you level two and the level two book. The trainer also offers the essential recipe books for your class at a low cost.
  2. Speak to a tradeskill delegate who will step you through a tutorial on crafting. This is a set of mini-quests which offer a substantial amount of tradeskill experience. Even if you know the tradeskilling process, it is worth going through the tutorial as it allows for incredibly fast leveling.
  3. Return to the trainer at level 9 and level 19 to confirm your sub-class and tradeskill class.

Tunare’s Pages is located on the same platform as the Silver Leaf Inn. If you are not used to navigating around Kelethin, you may wish to ask a guard to help you find Ralika, which will give you a golden trail leading to the front door of the building.

Ralika Mekkila is a Crafting Trainer located right in front of Tunare’s Pages. She’s the one to get you started as an artisan as well as selling the essential books for every tradeskill up to level 50. She is also the person you need to speak to at levels 9 and 19 to choose your tradeskill specialization.

You can find her at 468,93,333.

Ikile Harmonia is a tradeskill delegate who will take you through the tutorial quests. These cover crafting from levels one through nine. The quests reward you with tradeskill experience as well as copies of your essential artisan books, saving you both time and money.

She is located at 471,93,346.

Amy Recolo (clearly a relative of Fidelia Recolo in North Qeynos, although nothing like as photogenic) is standing on the edge of the platform, southwest of Tunare’s Pages. She is a Tradeskill Career Counsellor who will be happy to reset your specialization for you if you would like to learn a new trade. This will revert you back to level 9 artisan and you will lose all specialised tradeskill recipes.

She is located at 473,93,356.

On the platform directly northeast of Joleena’s restaurant, you will find trainers required to learn the secondary tradeskills: transmuting and tinkering. Kelethin is the only starting village to offer these trainers; residents of other villages should visit Butcherblock docks in order to learn the secondary tradeskills.

You can only choose one secondary tradeskill: either tinkering or transmuting. Your secondary tradeskill level can not become your highest level, it will remain capped by which ever is highest of your tradeskill or adventure level.

Ebnix Cogsworth is a Master Tinkerer and if you can live with the fact that in modern Norrath tinkers are referred to as tinkerers, then this is the man to talk to. He will set you up to start tinkering as long as you have either a tradeskill or adventure level over level 10 and are not a transmuter.

You’ll find him at 420,89,240. Traditional gnomish nepotism still reigns and to purchase supplies you’ll have to deal with the other Cogsworths. You’ll find Professor Ebenezer Cogsworth IV, Tinkering Trainer, and Nixia Cogsworth, Tinkering Supplies, are standing next to Ebnix and happy to relieve you of your coin.

Noora Maki, Master Transmuter, is standing nearby for the masochistic dedicated crafters who wish to take up transmuting as a secondary tradeskill. She will get you started as long as you have either a tradeskill or adventure level over level 10 and are not a tinkerer. You can purchase your essential transmuting books from Sade Maki, standing to her left.

You’ll find both of them at 414,89,235, on the same platform as Whittier.


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