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Starting a tradeskill in the world of Norrath is fairly straight-forward but it can be helpful to know where the various NPCs are located for the various starting locations. The Sarnak race always starts in Timorous Deep and the neutral races have the option of starting there. To learn a tradeskill in Timorous Deep you will need to travel to Gorowyn.

The crafting and residential district of Gorowyn is known as the Ward.

The Academy of Logistics is the tradeskill organization for Gorowyn. Originally a conglomerate of military support divisions, this organization was responsible for the supply and outfitting of the armies.

From the Handbook of the Academy of Logistics

Rozokal Niba’mok is a tradeskill delegate who will take you through the tutorial. This is a set of mini-quests which offer a substantial amount of tradeskill experience. Even if you know the tradeskilling process, it is worth going through the tutorial as it allows for incredibly fast leveling.

Rozokal is located at 2744,123,1130

Dvarkor Ska’nin is a Crafting Trainer located in the southwest corner area of the Ward, near the forges. He will get you started with Artisan Essentials Volume 2 and a quick bump to level 2. Speak to him at levels 9 and 19 to choose your tradeskill specializations.

Dvarkor is located at 2816, 121, 1240.

Salviln Grau’tuz is a Tradeskill Career Counsellor standing near Rozokal. A counsellor will allow you to change your tradeskill class choice by setting you back to level 9 artisan. Note you will lose your sub-class and class recipes in the process.

Salviln is located at 2742,123,1137

In addition, you’ll find workstations and crafting merchants scattered around the area.

Secondary tradeskills (tinkering and transmuting) can only be trained in Faydark.


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