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The saga of the pacifist continues as she levels up (slowly but surely) and takes the chance to explore foreign lands.

If you are new to the adventures of Paxmar, you may wish to catch up before reading the latest instalment:

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  2. The Isle of Refuge
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  4. It’s a Wide World

Once I left Qeynos it was as if I was consumed by a travel bug – I suddenly found it almost impossible to stay still. Although I enjoyed Kelethin and met some wonderful people, I didn’t stay long. I spent some time near the Combine Spires collecting local beetles and grubs for Mervos Stadrin in North Qeynos – I’m sure he’ll be quite excited to see such exotic specimens. Meanwhile, I found out there was an Aviak station on on the coast of Butcherblock which would take me to Timorous Deep. This seemed too good a chance to pass up so I went to the land of the Sarnaks. I made some friends there and saw some astounding sights but the frontier lands turned out to be rather dangerous. I took a wrong step and found myself under attack by the most ferocious looking Aviak who appeared out of nowhere. I ran faster than I ever have in my life. I made it to the front line of soldiers who slaughtered the bird that had the bad luck to follow me.

I was shaking and crying once I realised I was safe, sick from the sight of the bloodshed that I’d just witnessed but also relieved just to be alive. I couldn’t help but feel that the entire incident was my fault for wandering into the battle zone – who could blame the Aviak for defending his territory, it was I who was in the wrong.

I retreated to the outer island and thought about what had happened. Once again, I got myself in trouble by not paying enough attention. There are these silt storms raging around the area and I wasn’t watching my way and somehow I ended up in the heart of the storm! I was pulled up into the funnel and deposited, surprisingly lightly, on the grass of a hill that had been high above me. I was so lucky! I was rather shaken up, as you can imagine, and decided to stay up there for a while, which was serendipitous because I found a beautiful romantic spot with a bench. I wonder who put it here and what their story was.

This beautiful spot helped me to get grounded again. I went back to the Sarnak and offered my help away from the battle zones. I collected moths and helped tranquilize and tag the chokidai and generally explored the area. It was nice but soon I started to think about home again and I decided to break off my travels. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy seeing new places … but I had run out of clean underwear.

I arrived to find out there was a bit of a kerfuffle about mysterious dark storms all over Norrath. I immediately agreed to help investigate them. It’s become clear that the poor creatures that run into these storms are affected in some way and so I am now focused on curing them but I have to admit, it seems an endless task. I hope the Seeress learns more about these storms and the void beasts that they spawn so we can stop the destruction!

I jumped Paxmar up a level by doing the easy Maj’Dul page collections before the experience on them was reduced (this has since happened). Having left Qeynos, it made sense to keep wandering around.

The list of over a thousand exploration experience locations has been a huge help and made a real difference to me. I was a bit surprised to find newbie areas that I’d never been to before, including Lover’s Look in Gorowyn. You don’t have to ride a silt storm to get there but it definitely adds to the experience.

She’s had her share of deaths, her armor is all broken and I’m not sure whether to repair it or not. I should really, if only to increase her ability to sprint. Well, that and because the message on the bottom of my screen is annoying me.

She’s made a huge amount of money selling harvests and collection pieces – I usually bank things like that but, as she’s not getting anything from my alts, I don’t see why she should donate items to the shared bank. So she’s been putting everything left over onto the broker and making gold hand over fist. I must remember this next time I’m saving up for a horse.

She actually went to Commonlands as well but died repeatedly trying to pick up the quests at the Crossroads until I finally gave up and gated home. She managed to get level 17 from the exploration experience though and now she’s repeating the void storm quests until she gets level 18.

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