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For those still on Middle-Earth, here is a summary of the class quests for hunters:

Level 15

The Hunter’s Path is your first class quest. You will be asked to find Gytha Lainey at Adso’s Camp who will take you into a solo instance of the forest. Use tracking to find Yellowfang. Kill the other wolves wandering about to keep them from helping him (and to get pelts) and make your way to Yellowfang and kill him. There is a detailed quest write-up here:

Level 26

Wilderness by Ost Guruth is an additional class quests for Hunters which rewards the ability to port your group to Ost Guruth. You need to speak to Gaellant in Esteldin in the North Downs. He will send you to speak to Trumswith in Ost Guruth, who will give you a quest to find his sister. Talk to Unni and follow the directions to find the sister. There is a detailed quest write-up here:

Level 30

A Hunter’s Charge continues on your initial class quest storyline. You will be sent to speak to Gytha Lainey at Adso’s Camp again. She will send you to a solo instance of the Shire to intercept a party of Wargs. Head north and wait for the wargs to gather. Kill Laugzok first and then take out the other four wargs one by one, keeping them from ever reaching Gytha Lainey. There is a full quest write-up here:

Level 36

Tracks through Evendim is an additional class quest for Hunters which rewards the ability to port your group to Evendim. Speak to Torogethir in Tinnudir in Evendim who will send you to speak to Horace who will send you to find an arrow-head that he has hidden. Follow his instructions and the trail until you find the arrow-head.
Full directions and locations are given here:

Level 45

Articles of Discovery and Implements of the Hunt: Speak to Fenton Marshley outside the Hunting Lodge east of Archet and collect the components.

  • Zorrgolug’s Matted Hide – Named in Fasach-falroid (Angmar)
  • 5 Brimstone tinged Tarkrip helmets – Goblins in Western Malenhad (Angmar)
  • 10 Glossy Cave Claw Skins – Cave Claws in Nan Gurth (Angmar) and in Isendeep Mine
  • 15 Corroded Neekerbreeker horns – Neekerbreekers/Borbolg’s in Western Malenhad (Angmar)
  • Rune of Winged Dominance – Mormoz or Azgoth in the Carn Dum instance (Angmar)
  • Insignia of Battle – Sorkrank or Burzfil in in Urugarth Instance (Angmar)
  • Driftclaw’s Razor-sharp Claw – named bear roams around 30.4S 3.6E in the Giant Halls (Misty Mountain)
  • 5 Corroded Iron Crown Staves – Angmarians (Evil Men) in Western Malenhad and Fasach-falroid
  • 20 Clouded Worm-Eyes – Fire worms in Malenhad (Angmar)
  • 5 Venomous Dread Turtle Beaks – Dread Turtles in Malenhad (Angmar)
  • 5 Putrid Fingernails – Crawling Arms in Imlad Balchorth and Nan Gurth and the Carn Dum instance (Angmar)
  • Medallion of Passage – Urro, Uruk Hai boss in Carn Dum Instance (Angmar)
  • Putrid Slime of Helchgam – named watcher in Carn Dum instance (Angmar)

Level 50

A Lesson from Legolas is straight-forward. Travel to Rivendell to speak to Legolas. This requires you to have completed the level 45 epic quests. Legolas will reward you with the ‘Bow of the Righteous’ Legendary Trait, which returns 10.9-14.9 power on every successful bow/crossbow hit (not including auto attack).


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