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The Unlock the Mines of Moria mini-games are now all in place and it is possible, with a bit of patience, to complete ten deeds and open up four stars. The fifth star to open the gate has yet to be discovered; however it has been confirmed that it will not be another mini-game.

You’ll receive your first deed and light up the center star simply by registering for the game. Then each of the mini-games has three deeds, all three of which must be completed for the star. Completing the three deeds also unlocks a high quality image to do with the Mines of Moria expansion.

Here is a full list of the mini-games on Unlock the Mines of Moria, links to our helpful hints and tips, and the deeds available per game.

King Under the Mountain

Gameplay Spoiler

  • Warmonger: Take a total of 300 territories
  • Dwarven Crown: Conquer all the territories seven times
  • High Roller: 20 rolls of 30 or more

All the deeds can be completed in single-player mode.

Swig and Toss

Gamplay Spoiler

  • Dead Eye: scoring 35,000 or higher in a single game
  • Last Man Standing: 10 multiplayer victories
  • Mead-iator: 99 swigs

Dead Eye and Mead-iator can be completed in single-player mode.

Eleventy-Seven Morsels

Gameplay Spoiler

  • Stuffed Hobbit: win ten snack-sack victories
  • Fourth Meal: a four-move chain
  • Reap What You Sow: win ten score-bin victories

All the deeds can be completed in single-player mode.

The main conversation on the forums are based on whether collecting the deeds are worth it – hard to answer when we don’t have any information as to what the final reward will be! Personally, I found the mini-games diverting enough that I didn’t mind chasing after the deeds but it probably is not worth slaving over for the unknown in-game reward alone.


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