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Sorry for the silence from Paxmar the Pacifist – I’ll have to catch up on her journal quickly as she’s leveling like crazy lately. It helps that there is an abundance of newbie zones so she can travel around, cherry-picking the best quests. I’m also being very careful to tick off exploration experience locations to make sure I don’t miss any.

My biggest problem is dealing with other people in-game without coming across like an idiot. Blind group invites have always annoyed me but now, suddenly, they are a relief. I can just decline and carry on my way. When someone sends me a tell asking me if I’d like to group, well, that’s more complicated. Do I lie? That doesn’t seem very pacifist, really. Do I preach? Ugh. Do I say “I won’t be involved with the shedding of blood” and hope that the person has a sense of humor? I don’t know.

Previous installments:

It seems the people of Qeynos are specifically looking for murderers to do their dirty work for them . I spent all morning trekking around the city, offering to help out with deliveries or cleaning up and the like and I get asked to rip the wings off of faeries, as if that’s somehow non-violent behavior. When I try to explain, they shrug and ignore me. Perhaps I need to dare the wilder lands, where a cultured gnome is a rarity instead of a dime a dozen. I was feeling rather disheartened when I went back to the Deductive Directory in Baubbleshire to see if I could be of any help there.

I was so excited to find out that some of the things I had harvested have sold to other tradeskillers, just as Talwith had told me they might. I had three gold to my name – thrilling news! I had been speaking to the Sage Indis Surion at the Mages Compendium regarding work and he’d said that they’d be glad to have my help but that the mages were not particularly flush with cash: I’d have to buy my own materials. Now I finally had the money to do so!

I rushed to South Qeynos and went through the books needing completion but most of them involved travel to places dark and distant – I think the mages need help from more dedicated adventurers than I. I was about to give up when I noticed that there was a simpler task to travel around Qeynos outlying areas and catalog the creatures for research data. That sounded like much more my type of work … and I could look for interesting items for that poor lonely Mr Stadrin at the same time.

The fact that I only bought a few books meant that I still had money left over from my burgeoning little business selling resources. What to do with my new found fortune?

I decided that before going straight to work,I would take this chance to learn more around the world. I bought a ticket for the boat to Butcherblock with a view to hiking to Kelethin, which everyone has told me is a wonderful city for a weekend break.The Storm Breaker offers a regular service from the Thundering Steppes so I was able to go the same day.

The journey at sea was uneventful but I couldn’t believe how dangerous the roads of Butcherblock were! I was gasping with fright as I sprinted down the road hoping desperately that I wouldn’t miss a turn and get lost in these wild and dangerous parts. I was so relieved to see a dwarf keeping the roads clear he just laughed when I ran at him and congratulated me on making it through. “Aye, I remember my first time, sure gets the heart pumpin'” he told me. I felt aggrieved but he introduced himself as Trapper Coalbear and asked what I was doing so far from home. He really was quite sweet and when I told him it was my first time going to Greater Faydark, he gave me some contacts – including Thekela Gillywump who the trapper said was always looking for help gathering for her kitchen stocks and a fae called Venla Vaara up in Kelethin who, he told me, collects odd items from all around, both local and foreign. I should have brought her some of my feathers from Oakmyst Forest.

I shared a meal of grilled turnips with the trapper (who muttered something about having a second dinner later) and then hitched my backpack back onto my shoulders and made my way into Greater Faydark.

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  • Helpful friend wrote:

    you really need to get on these repeatable world event quests, you are saving others and although cleansing the void from people results in a void beast attacking you, you can run it off or zone so no harm must come to anyone.

  • Helpful friend wrote:

    once the void quests run out, there are still many many options, I don’t know if you want any suggestions from others, but i have quite a few. let us know if you are interested I think I can help

  • Taymar wrote:

    Hi – yes, the void storms are great because there’s no killing involved. The beasts despawn quickly so there’s no real worry for introducing evil into the world.

    I am always happy to hear more suggestions! But bear in mind this post is a bit behind again – I’ll post again shortly to catch up to where Paxmar is now.

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