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The final game in the Unlock the Mines of Moria set is a popular pastime in the sprint and summer, when fruits and berries are at their ripest. Playing Eleventy-Seven Morsels against a hobbit means staying on your toes because the snacks chosen for the board will be the choicest, juiciest, sweetest to be found – and if you win, the ones in the snack sack are yours to eat on the spot! The treats (all the same value although a mix of morsels makes for the testiest snack) are distributed fairly across the two halves of the board.

Why not just settle for that and eat your half? Well, that just shows you aren’t a hobbit: a love for gambling and an innate greediness when it comes to food combine in these hairy-toed fellows to make Eleventy-Seven Morsels a game worth winning. So no, you can’t simply have your half and eat it too – you have to earn your morsels, if you can.

And then, to keep you on your toes, there are two methods of keeping score. At the beginning of each game you will flip a coin to decide whether you are scoring from your snack sack or from your score bin. Your goal is to be the person with the most snacks in the container chosen by the coin.

Playing the Game

Regardless of which stack of snacks is being counted, the basic gameplay is the same: you choose a pile on your side and move them clockwise around the board: the first one goes into your snack sack (hopefully for later consumption) and then the pile marches around the board, dropping one snack per spot until you run out.

At your left is your score bin. If the last piece of your pile lands here, you can go again, so it’s well worth timing your stacks of snacks just the right size to land on the bin so that you can get another go.

The snacks in the snack pack and the snacks in the score bin stay there – you can’t move them.

The game ends when the first person runs out of snacks to distribute. If you are scoring based on the snack sack, you want this to be you because every snack still left on your opponents side will go into your snack sack. If the scoring is based on the score bin, you’ll have to be a bit more careful to make sure you stay in the lead.

Watch your counting if you loop right around the board, you get to skip your opponent’s score bin. But you can fill up your own score bin by landing on an empty pot on your own side. This move will give you all the snacks on the opposite side of the board – one for your snack sack and the rest in your score bin. Goal!

Winning the Game

Your strategy will change slightly depending on the toss of the coin at the beginning of the game. If the score-keeping is based on the snack sack, then you’ll be looking to clear your side of the board as quickly as possible to try to gain your opponents snacks for your own bag. If the score bin is what counts, then you’ll be looking for big piles to allow you to loop round and get back onto your own side – preferably to land on an empty square opposite a big pile of snacks. The initial snack on the opposite side will go into your snack sack but the rest will go straight into your score bin. Once you get ahead, try to clear your side quick to seal the deal.

The Deeds

Like the other mini-games on the Unlock Mines of Moria website, King under the Mountain and Swig and Toss, there are three deeds to be won:

  • the Stuffed Hobbit deed for winning ten snack sack victories
  • the Fourth Meal deed for a four move chain
  • the Reap What You Sow deed for winning ten score bin victories


Once you’ve completed all three deeds you will gain access to another piece of wallpaper.

Now there is only one star left to complete the entire set and find out what the in-game reward will be for sticking it through to the bitter end. All we know so far is that the final star will not be a further mini-game but you can subscribe to the feed to find out as soon as we do.

Make sure you’ve got your deeds for King under the Mountain and Swig and Toss so you are ready for the final round!

Edit: I’ve added full list of the mini-games on Unlock the Mines of Moria, links to our helpful hints and tips, and the deeds available per game.


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