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Guild Update 46 has included a new diversion for epic crafters: red shinies! Also known as glowies, these are ?’s to be collected, like the standard collections seen in adventure zones, except you must be wearing your Earring of the Solstice (tradeskill epic) in order to see them and the shiny / glowy color around them is red instead of golden or blue.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options → Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.

You don’t have to take collection items you don’t need – if you choose not to loot the item, the ? will fade in two minutes and a new one will appear in a separate location. However, if you are actively hunting for shinies it is faster to clear them.

You can use Gnomish Divining Rods (made by tinkers) which will show you the location of the shinies near you although you can’t tell if they are standard ones or the new tradeskill shinies from the display. You will need to have your Earring of the Solstice equipped for the red shinies to show up on the tracking window, so you can check the ?’s that show up by unequipping the earring and seeing which ?’s disappear.


The ?’s can be found in the following zones:

Barren Sky

This is the most difficult area for those tradeskillers who are low in adventure levels. You can not see the map until you’ve traveled around but I would recommend the following route:

Go to Thundering Steppes (or Nektulos Forest) and use the spires to port up to Barren Sky directly. You’ll arrive on Whisperwind Isle where you can find red shinies along the edges of the island near the ridgestone guardians on either side. Watch their pathing and you should be able to collect them without going too close.

The Isle of Awakening has the occasional ? on the edges near the clouds and more commonly on the path leading to the Bonemire Teleport. If you can get to the teleporter, you can collect the shinys by standing around the teleporter and picking up the ?’s which spawn in the local area. The good news is that this collection only has five pieces so is relatively quick to complete compared to the others.

Fens of Nathsar

All around the outside Bathezid’s Watch and on the path leading up to it. This area is completely safe to all who have Bathezid’s Watch faction. The only shinys here are the red ones so gnomish divining rods are particularly useful. Bear in mind it’s a large area – if it comes up blank you may want to run around with the tracking window open until you get into range of one.

Follow along the path north of Sathir’s Span and you’ll see them, both on the path and below it. This seems to be a higher concentration but is also more dangerous as you have to keep an eye out for roaming mobs.

Loping Plains

You’ll find the red shinies all along the paths here – there seems to be a large concentration alongside the path leading from Greater Faydark to Somborne. You can find them more rarely on the the westward path that exits out of the north side of Somborn, so if you are finding it difficult to avoid aggro, you could park yourself there and wait – although this is already proving to be a popular spot.


Red shinies are scattered around Steamfont along the paths and on wall and crater edges. Mobs are fairly well spaced apart: use the earring of the solstice to get your run speed up and dash along the paths looking for the ?’s. There are a good concentration at the area leading to the drakes in the south east of the zone. The gnomish divining rod is very useful here – remember to swap out the earring in order to check which ?’s are the red ones.


All of the red shiny collections offer new house items as their reward. Snowdonia has collected the items and posted screenshots, along with an in-context shot of how they look placed in her house.

Top tip

Short on cash? Sell the results of your ? harvesting this week and then get your rewards next week once the novelty value has fallen and the price has dropped.


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