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Your character traits define your character and can help you customise your character beyond the ability to choose your race and class.

In Age of Conan, your primary statistics are Health, Mana and Stamina.

Your attributes help to define your primary statistics, as follows:

  • Strength impacts melee damage (except daggers), resistance to melee attacks and affects stamina regen
  • Dexterity impacts melee damage with dagger and ranged damage, ability to evade and the chance to perform offhand attack. It also affects the maximum stamina pool and stamina regen
  • Constitution affects health pool as well as both stamina pool and stamina regen
  • Intelligence impacts spell damage for mages and affects mana pool and mana regen rate. It also defines the ability to resist fire, cold and electrical damage.
  • Wisdom impacts spell damage for priests and affects mana pool and mana regen rate. It also defines the ability to resist holy and unholy damage

You start the game with these attributes preset and they will increase automatically as you level up. You can also increase attributes through equipment.

You can see the affect of the attributes on secondary traits by hovering over your combat ratings:

  • Defense rating is affected by your strength.
  • Attack rating is affected by your strength for most melee weapons and by dexterity for daggers and ranged weapons.
  • Magic Rating is affected by intelligence for mages and wisdom for priests.
  • Evade Chance is affected by dexterity.

Protection is your ability to mitigate magical damage as opposed to physical damage which is mitigated by your combat ratings. Magical resist is a general resistance and is in addition to the specific resist type which is applied. That is to say, if you receive fire damage, your resistance will be based on your fire resist added to your magical resist.

  • Magical resist is affected by your Magic Rating.

    Theoretically, mages can increase their magical damage and thus their magic rating through intelligence and priests can increase their magical rating through wisdom. Fighters and scouts may use a combination of the two.

  • Fire, Cold and Electrical resists are affected by intelligence.
  • Holy and Unholy resists are affected by wisdom.

Note: this information was collated using the manual, the in-game documentation and some simple tests. There have been reports that secondary effects (for example spell and combo damage and magical rating) are not being affected by the primary stats as expected. As of writing, there is no official response to this issue.


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