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I’ve fallen a bit behind on my attempts to Unlock the Mines of Moria but I’m catching up quick. One of the good things about being late in the game is that all the details have already been discovered. I think I would have struggled getting the high-score deed in Swig and Toss but there were a couple of posts from people trying to explain how to win the game and they helped me get a handle on it.

Deeds for Swig and Toss

  • Dead Eye: scoring 35,000 or higher in a single game
  • Last Man Standing: 10 multiplayer victories
  • Mead-iator: 99 swigs

Gameplay tips

Keep the mouse moving – that helps you to keep control of the axe. The huge swerves to the side can be ignored if you continue to make minor movements with the mouse rather than chasing the axe around. One person recommended small circles but I found a tiny back-and-forth movement worked best.

Get yourself into a timing rhythm with the green bar. You shouldn’t have to watch it – once you get into the swing of it, it becomes almost automatic.

Get your drinks to 60-70% (6 drinks) and take the max bet every time. That will get you the 35,000 needed for the Dead Eye deed.

Don’t drink more than 6 drinks, especially not in multi-player. You’ll look silly.

If you miss the timing with the green bar, don’t panic and don’t waste the shot! You can still gain a benefit by hitting the left hand plate! You may wish to avoid the other crockery though!

Results of smashing up:
Either mug: +1 or -1 drink (random)
Plate on wall to the left: x2 next toss
Plate on wall to the right: 1/2 next toss
Vase on left of the target: x2 meter speed

Unlocking the Mines

Once you have achieved all three deeds you will see another star in the doorway. Your reward is an in-game promotional poster to go with the wallpaper you have hopefully already won from King Under the Mountain.

Next week we’ll take on the hobbits at Eleventy-Seven Morsels. Sign up for the feed
if you haven’t completed the set for your in-game reward!


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