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MMORPG Info Logo Hidden Plunderers’ Faction

The Hidden Plunderers are a band of iksar looking to exploit explore the City of Mist. You’ll find them in the far north of Kunzar Jungle, conveniently located just east of the City of Mist. They have their own sokokar post, which is connected to the City of Jinisk and the Abandoned Village. You will start KoS to the camp so don’t go charging in – you need to start by speaking to Skulker Traz who is on the far side of the camp. The Hidden Plunderers are focused around a set of heroic quests for groups looking to explore the City of Mist but the faction can be gained solo (slowly) through the repeatable quest.

Gaining Faction

Initially you will need to speak to Skulker Traz located at -400,138,-847 for the quest Prove Your Allegiance. This is a repeatable quest which will award 1,000 faction every time you complete it by taking out 8 Sathirians, which are right around the corner. It is possible, albeit slow, to max out faction through this quest alone. Certainly, it is worth taking the quest every time you pass by as Sathirians are plentiful in the jungle and it never hurts to get credit for thinning their ranks.

At this point, the action shifts to the City of Mist and if you wish to continue the quest line, you will need a decent group of players in their high 70s. Speak to Skulker Ganiz and Skulker Slythe for the Heroic quest lines.

You may wish to nip over to the iksar village camp by the river at -210,120,-600 to pick up additional heroic quests in the City of Mist in order to get the most from your group.

Ireka Nazan is in the camp at -196,119,-593 and has a quest series which starts solo but is easier done in a group. After two quests, she’ll ask you to deliver lunch pails in City of Mist. The NPCs are all in the same area as the Hidden Plunderers quests.

Ebenezer Sprockbok (Traveling Master of the Mechanical) is at the river’s edge at -187,121,-606 and has a quest series to harvest parts from the golems in the City of Mist. This heroic series ends in Sebilis.

Benefits of Faction

You will be able to see the items on Trafficker Galax, the faction merchant, at negative indifferent faction although this does very little good as he has no items to sell to you until you reach ally faction.

At 20,000 faction you will find you are welcome to use the amenities of the camp. You will also gain a new revive location – if you die in the area you will be offered the option to revive at the Hidden Plunderers’ Camp, which can save a bit of a run should your fighting in City of Mist go terribly wrong.

A Skulker buyer located at -463,147,-887 will buy your goods but at 20% less than you would receive in your hometown. For anything of value, you are better off traveling home or to and selling your goods there for maximum profit. The Skulker buyer also sells Jungle Nut Bread and Purified River Water should you happen to find yourself without supplies.

A camp patcher, located at -442,148,-877, is available to repair your armor and weapons. Like most other menders in Kunzar Jungle, you will pay a 67% mark-up, a hefty two-thirds more than you would pay at an honest mender. The mender at Synod Reet will repair your gear for hometown prices or nip over to Fens where you’ll find Bathezid’s Watch and Exiles of Droga offer hometown pricing for mending and for selling your loot.

Once you have achieved 40,000 faction, you can purchase the faction rewards from Trafficker Galax at -443,149,-882:

[To see this table, please visit the
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on the site.]

“Hidden Plunderers”)); ?>

Be sure to check all the faction rewards to make sure you are getting the best item before spending your time and hard-earned plat! Our focus on Kunark is still continuing. You can subscribe to get MMORPG-Info via email to make sure you don’t miss any of the tips.


MMORPG Info Logo You Hit Like a Girl

The murmurs started early in beta – female characters were sluggish and slow at melee. They seemed to do less damage. Some claimed that it was intentional – women should be priestesses and slaves but not fighters. Most dismissed it as nonsense or at most, a visual trick. Then the rumor started gaining speed – girls were penalised in Age of Conan, the big tits were getting in the way, female characters swing slower and do less damage.

Could it be true? The owner of a female Herald of Xotli decided to test it. Jssa27 took two characters, both level 61 and naked, using the same sword and attacking the same mob. The result was clear – specific attacks varied as much as 11 seconds between the male and the female character doing the identical move. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Useful links for Game Update 46

Game Update 46 has included a lot of new content to Norrath with a nice mix of special items for players of all creeds. As we have a bonus experience weekend coming up, here is a collection of links to help you make the most of the new content.

The Associate Producer of EQ2, better known on the forums as Kirstie, has posted a rewrite of the Game Update 46 notes just for fun – written the way she’d like to write the update notes.

Allakhazam’s has the details of the quest including an incredibly useful list of tempest storm locations, so you can always find a storm to yourself if you are willing to brave the world beyond the level ten newbie zones. Massively has an inventive pictorial walk-through of the Void Storms live event including screenshots of all the items you can purchase with your rewards. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo It’s a Wide World

Sorry for the silence from Paxmar the Pacifist – I’ll have to catch up on her journal quickly as she’s leveling like crazy lately. It helps that there is an abundance of newbie zones so she can travel around, cherry-picking the best quests. I’m also being very careful to tick off exploration experience locations to make sure I don’t miss any.

My biggest problem is dealing with other people in-game without coming across like an idiot. Blind group invites have always annoyed me but now, suddenly, they are a relief. I can just decline and carry on my way. When someone sends me a tell asking me if I’d like to group, well, that’s more complicated. Do I lie? That doesn’t seem very pacifist, really. Do I preach? Ugh. Do I say “I won’t be involved with the shedding of blood” and hope that the person has a sense of humor? I don’t know. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Eleventy-Seven Morsels

The final game in the Unlock the Mines of Moria set is a popular pastime in the sprint and summer, when fruits and berries are at their ripest. Playing Eleventy-Seven Morsels against a hobbit means staying on your toes because the snacks chosen for the board will be the choicest, juiciest, sweetest to be found – and if you win, the ones in the snack sack are yours to eat on the spot! The treats (all the same value although a mix of morsels makes for the testiest snack) are distributed fairly across the two halves of the board.

Why not just settle for that and eat your half? Well, that just shows you aren’t a hobbit: a love for gambling and an innate greediness when it comes to food combine in these hairy-toed fellows to make Eleventy-Seven Morsels a game worth winning. So no, you can’t simply have your half and eat it too – you have to earn your morsels, if you can. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Red Shinies – Spoiler

New Updated Version including two new collections for Guild Update 47! Update your bookmarks.

[Out-of-date text follows] (Click here for Updated Version)

Guild Update 46 has included a new diversion for epic crafters: red shinies! Also known as glowies, these are ?’s to be collected, like the standard collections seen in adventure zones, except you must be wearing your Earring of the Solstice (tradeskill epic) in order to see them and the shiny / glowy color around them is red instead of golden or blue.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options → Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.

You don’t have to take collection items you don’t need – if you choose not to loot the item, the ? will fade in two minutes and a new one will appear in a separate location. However, if you are actively hunting for shinies it is faster to clear them.

You can use Gnomish Divining Rods (made by tinkers) which will show you the location of the shinies near you although you can’t tell if they are standard ones or the new tradeskill shinies from the display. You will need to have your Earring of the Solstice equipped for the red shinies to show up on the tracking window, so you can check the ?’s that show up by unequipping the earring and seeing which ?’s disappear.


The ?’s can be found in the following zones: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Attributes and Protection

Your character traits define your character and can help you customise your character beyond the ability to choose your race and class.

In Age of Conan, your primary statistics are Health, Mana and Stamina.

Your attributes help to define your primary statistics, as follows:

  • Strength impacts melee damage (except daggers), resistance to melee attacks and affects stamina regen
  • Dexterity impacts melee damage with dagger and ranged damage, ability to evade and the chance to perform offhand attack. It also affects the maximum stamina pool and stamina regen
  • Constitution affects health pool as well as both stamina pool and stamina regen
  • Intelligence impacts spell damage for mages and affects mana pool and mana regen rate. It also defines the ability to resist fire, cold and electrical damage.
  • Wisdom impacts spell damage for priests and affects mana pool and mana regen rate. It also defines the ability to resist holy and unholy damage

You start the game with these attributes preset and they will increase automatically as you level up. You can also increase attributes through equipment.

You can see the affect of the attributes on secondary traits by hovering over your combat ratings:

  • Defense rating is affected by your strength.
  • Attack rating is affected by your strength for most melee weapons and by dexterity for daggers and ranged weapons.
  • Magic Rating is affected by intelligence for mages and wisdom for priests.
  • Evade Chance is affected by dexterity.

Protection is your ability to mitigate magical damage as opposed to physical damage which is mitigated by your combat ratings. Magical resist is a general resistance and is in addition to the specific resist type which is applied. That is to say, if you receive fire damage, your resistance will be based on your fire resist added to your magical resist.

  • Magical resist is affected by your Magic Rating.

    Theoretically, mages can increase their magical damage and thus their magic rating through intelligence and priests can increase their magical rating through wisdom. Fighters and scouts may use a combination of the two.

  • Fire, Cold and Electrical resists are affected by intelligence.
  • Holy and Unholy resists are affected by wisdom.

Note: this information was collated using the manual, the in-game documentation and some simple tests. There have been reports that secondary effects (for example spell and combo damage and magical rating) are not being affected by the primary stats as expected. As of writing, there is no official response to this issue.


MMORPG Info Logo New Achievement System

I have been thinking about this topic for a while, the idea of having Xbox Live style achievements in WoW. Blizzard appear to be thinking about the same thing, according to rumors of a new achievement system in Wrath of the Lich King, but how they are implemented is possibly the most important factor.

When I thought about achievements in WoW, I was hoping for a medal that would show to people: “I achieved that!” Currently I know very little about the level 70 standing next to me bar his title and a few details. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Regionalization – Take Two

I’ve already complained about Turbine but I expected more from Funcom, if I’m honest. I thought that perhaps the management there would have seen the issues resulting from regionalization first hand and maybe, just maybe, decide that it was not the best option for the players.

Actually, I’m pretty sure they are aware of this – I don’t think anyone in the game industry actually believes that these Chinese walls are for the benefit of the players. Funcom has disappointed me twice: first by forcibly separating Europe from the US and then by coming up with a ludicrous explanation as to why: [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Swig and Toss

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my attempts to Unlock the Mines of Moria but I’m catching up quick. One of the good things about being late in the game is that all the details have already been discovered. I think I would have struggled getting the high-score deed in Swig and Toss but there were a couple of posts from people trying to explain how to win the game and they helped me get a handle on it.

Deeds for Swig and Toss

  • Dead Eye: scoring 35,000 or higher in a single game
  • Last Man Standing: 10 multiplayer victories
  • Mead-iator: 99 swigs

Gameplay tips

Keep the mouse moving – that helps you to keep control of the axe. The huge swerves to the side can be ignored if you continue to make minor movements with the mouse rather than chasing the axe around. One person recommended small circles but I found a tiny back-and-forth movement worked best.

Get yourself into a timing rhythm with the green bar. You shouldn’t have to watch it – once you get into the swing of it, it becomes almost automatic.

Get your drinks to 60-70% (6 drinks) and take the max bet every time. That will get you the 35,000 needed for the Dead Eye deed.

Don’t drink more than 6 drinks, especially not in multi-player. You’ll look silly.

If you miss the timing with the green bar, don’t panic and don’t waste the shot! You can still gain a benefit by hitting the left hand plate! You may wish to avoid the other crockery though!

Results of smashing up:
Either mug: +1 or -1 drink (random)
Plate on wall to the left: x2 next toss
Plate on wall to the right: 1/2 next toss
Vase on left of the target: x2 meter speed

Unlocking the Mines

Once you have achieved all three deeds you will see another star in the doorway. Your reward is an in-game promotional poster to go with the wallpaper you have hopefully already won from King Under the Mountain.

Next week we’ll take on the hobbits at Eleventy-Seven Morsels. Sign up for the feed
if you haven’t completed the set for your in-game reward!