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The race you choose has two game-play effects: it determines your basic appearance options and restricts the classes you can choose.

Aquilonians can play Guardians, Dark Templars, Conquerors, Priests of Mitra, Barbarians, Assassins and Rangers.

Cimmerians can play Guardians, Dark Templars, Conquerors, Bear Shamans, Barbarians and Rangers.

Stygians can play Tempests of Set, Assassins, Rangers, Demonologists, Heralds of Xotli and Necromancers

Soldier Classes

Guardians are high mitigation fighters in plate, the archetypal tank.

Conquerors are dual-wielding fighters with group buffs and strong mob debuffs.

Dark Templars are high damage fighters with dark magic, similar to a shadow-knight.

Priest Classes

Bear Shamans are priests of earth magic with fighting and healing abilities.

Priests of Mitra are the primary healing class with basic fighting ability and cloth armor.

Tempests of Set are mage/priest hybrids with both heals and lightning based nukes.

Rogue Classes

Barbarians are a toe-to-toe DPS class with special enrage abilities and the ability to immobilize their opponents.

Assassins are the traditional stealth DPS class with fast damage and the ability to use poisons.

Rangers are a ranged DPS class with the ability to wear medium armor in order to survive for brief periods of melee combat.

Mage Classes

Demonologists are sorcerors with fire and lightning magic, effectively a wizard class.

Necromancers are the primary pet class and do cold and unholy damage with their spells.

Heralds of Xotli are mage/soldiers wielding 2-handed weapons and causing high damage, with the added benefit of being able to turn into a demon.


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