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I’ve not seen I am Legend yet – I can’t quite see how the book could make a full-length feature film and so I strongly suspect I’ll hate it. If anyone who has read the story has seen the film, do let me know what you thought of it in the comments, please.

Meanwhile, we can have fun replaying the plot on Norrath as a Vampire Slayer extraordinaire. There are a number of ways you can increase your damage against the blood-sucking beasts, making you the darling of Mistmoore Castle raids.

Vampire Master Strike

Vampires don’t have a Lore and Legend quest like most of the other primary races. I suppose this is because they crumble into dust rather than leaving body parts for us to harvest.

At any rate, to gain the master strike you need to complete the Bloodline Chronicles. This is an adventure pack so although I believe it is included free as a part of the Kunark all-in-one expansion, you may find you need to purchase it separately. The adventure pack consists of an extended quest-line from either the Hand of Marr or the Brethren of the Night. The two quest-lines are very similar and aimed at groups but you can do the quests solo (gray) from around around level 45 onwards.

Although the quest rewards differ slightly depending on whether you follow the “good” or “evil” line (the choice is available regardless of your alignment), at the end of the series everyone receives a Vampire Master Strike for their archetype and a further low-level spell which only works on vampires. You can find the full walk-through for the adventure pack on eq2i.

The League

A Shadowy Operative calling himself Chardasus Divok is hiding out in Sonborn Village in Loping Plains and has an interesting proposition for you. You’ll find him in in a back room at -307,11,-46 where he’ll offer you the quest The League which starts a series of five quests.The initial quest is solo but the remaining quests need a strong group as they take place in Castle Mistmoore.

EQ2i has write-ups of The League quests in their Timeline for the League of Freethinkers

The quests in this line reward with a set of jewelry which proc damage on vampires.

The initial quest-giver is also a merchant and if you are going vampire slaying, it’s worth taking a look at his wares.

for sale in Loping Plains

Sharpened Heartwood Stake

Chardasus Divok also has an interesting item for sale which does not require faction to buy (it does, however, cost a hefty 2p16g and is consumed on use). The Sharpened Heartwood Stake inflicts 2.7% of max health in piercing damage on Greater Vampires if they are under 6% of their health, a great way to bring a hasty end to a hard fight when your power bar is looking low. You do not have to have completed any of the League of Freethinkers’ quests in order to buy the stake.

To buy a stake simply visit Chardasus in Sonborn Village, in the back of the inn at -307,11,-46. Note that these sell back to merchants for 1p,50g so do not buy more than you are sure you will use!


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