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Kylong Plains has a secondary faction that can be worked up: the Gwalnax Brigade. The Brigade is in charge of Di’Zokian clandestine operations in Kunark but they are not on the same faction as the Di’Zok. You’ll find the Gwalnax Brigade in the western Kylong Plains, near the entrance to Chardok.

You begin with threatening faction (-30,000) and you won’t be able to see the quest line offered by them until you have raised this to indifferent. Gaining faction and the initial quests are all solo.

Raising Faction

In order to gain faction initially, you need to deliver dull kromslayers to Warlord Gadar Gwalnax.

This is not a quest. Start at Karatun Hold, the giants’ stronghold, which is at 1000,126,-2273. Search the ground for Dull Kromslayers, which spawn around the outside of the hold. They are lore, so you can only deliver them one at a time.

EQ2map shows some of the confirmed spawn locations for the Dull Kromslayers. I found three initially simply by running around the west and north-west outside of the hold and then used the map to track down the remaining two. The gnomish divining rod does not show these. Note one of the possible locations for the kromslayer is a bit off the beaten track at 970,170,-2121 near the bridge. While you are running around, you might notice the bodies of Infiltrators scattered around the area: you’ll be needing to travel to all these later.

Once you have harvested a dull kromslayer, take it back to Warlord Gadar Gwalnax who is at the top of the tower at 1470,165,-2912. He will give you 5,000 faction reward for every weapon you bring him. You will need to perform this delivery a total of five times.

There are no faction hits for killing the Gwalnax sarnaks around the tower. I suspect that it isn’t possible to lose Gwalnax faction at all.

Once you have reached indifferent (-5,000) you will no longer be able to collect dull kromslayers. At that point, speak to Battle Master Dolak, who is stood near the Warlord at 1477,165,-2918. He will not be impressed when you point out you’ve collected weapons for them but, although he does not show a quest quill, he will offer you the quest Leave No Di’Zok Behind to recover the bodies of his platoon members.

The corpses of the infiltrators are scattered around the giants’ stronghold and appear on track. You can get the locations on EQ2map or use the list of locs on EQ2i . The corpses have a bright yellow glowing spot next to them, a phylactery which you can harvest to take with you. Once you have collected them all and gone back to Dolak, he’ll reward you with gold and 5000 faction.

Now, finally, you are at 0 faction and the Warlord Gadar Gwalnax has a quest for you to enter Chardok and kill Bathezid battlers and veterans in the entryway. The quest is marked as heroic but the mobs are 76^ and soloable. They do not affect the Bathezid’s Watch faction in the Fens. The final mob will drop a note for you to examine to update your quest so you can report back.

Heroic Questline

Warlord Gadar will reward you with gold, 1,000 faction and a further quest: The Maelstrom Below. This is the first heroic quest in a series of eight which take place in Chardok with a wide variety of rewards. You can find the details for the heroic quests on EQ2i or <a href="subscribe to make sure you don’t miss Spending the Day in Chardok, another exciting report from your intrepid ranger (coming soon)!


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