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Why there are still corporates who consider ghettoizing European players as acceptable is beyond me. I was leery when I found that by buying Lord of the Rings in Europe, I could only play on European servers. In fact, I looked into having a US box shipped to me but in the end decided I was being silly and picked up a local copy of the game.

I regretted it almost immediately.

I knew we would be forced onto a specific server set which annoyed me – I’m used to Sony games where some servers are designated with an intended audience (by language or play-style) but as a player I get to choose the server which will best suit me. The recent trend is to force players into a limited server choice based on location whether it’s appropriate for them or not.

A much bigger issue was that I wasn’t permitted to log into the official website. As someone who enjoys writing things up, I’d have liked to take part in the information gathering, but I couldn’t. At first, I thought it was an oversight.

I contacted Turbine to say that I would love to take part in discussions on the LOTRO message boards but I could not because I bought the game in Europe. They responded to let me know that US customers couldn’t post on the (totally underutilized) Codemaster boards, so it was fair. I asked about the Lorebook and other functionality which are only on the official site and thus not available to us. I was told it was “coming soon.”

That was over six months ago and it’s still “coming soon”. Ignoring the bizarreness of having two separate knowledge bases for your fans to populate (what a waste!), there doesn’t seem to be any intention to include the European customers in the community.

Why do this? Why arbitrarily split up your English-speaking user base?

And now this:

Book 13: Doom of the Last-king – Coming soon!

Dear players,

Some of you were expecting to see Book 13 patched up in today’s regular weekly maintenance and were disappointed when it was not.

We are sorry to report that despite best efforts, we were unable to bring you the update within the usual day or two delay after the US update goes live. This was due to a series of last minute problems that meant that the EU version was not ready to go live.

We’re working furiously behind the scenes to bring it to you as soon as possible. We’re unable to give you a firm date right now as this will depend largely on how testing goes over the coming days. I will keep you updated as regularly as possible.

We understand that the previous in-game splash screen said Book 13 was coming in April however we’ve looked at the schedule and will not be able to make that date, for which we apologise. We’ve swapped out the splash screen so as not to further confuse anyone.

As soon as we have more information regarding the EU standalone patch availability and the final date that we will go live with Book 13, we’ll post announcements to the launcher, website and forums, so look out for those.

Thank you for you patience.

You know, I think I’m just about all out of patience. I’m sorry but I’m furious. I think I’ll stick to games where I don’t feel like a second-class citizen because I’m not currently in the United States.

Someone let me know when Turbine is ready to join the global community that the rest of us have been enjoying for over a decade, ok?



  • Sixes wrote:

    I have cancelled my account over this.

  • Openedge1 wrote:

    The game seems to be a seller for Turbine as they have procured the license for an extended period…and as of today secured some top funding for some project from a Table Top company (they make Granite tables…??)
    Yet, this game is so mediocre and bland, and the treatment of it’s customer base is ridiculous..
    Hopefully people start playing better games like EQ2 or WoW again, and leave Turbine to wallow in their mistakes (DDO, AC2…LOTRO)

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