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The easy place to start grabbing tome collections is Maj’Dul where there are a few collections which consist of harvests with a few clicky spots. Ripchi’s collection sheet gives all the details for the pages and I recommend using it to keep track of your characters’ collections – once you know you have the no-drop pages for each collection you can look at the broker where you’ll find most Maj’Dul pages selling for a gold or less each.

Revised Sinking Sands

On my server (I suspect most servers) the courts are failing to keep order and assassins and orcs abound as a general rule. If you can, head for the city directly after a server reset so that you only have to dodge the thieves. Otherwise, you will need to be very careful if you are under level 50. But you definitely can complete four of the Maj’dul collections with only a modicum of debt (just remember to let it fade away before you hand in) regardless of who controls the city. To prove it, I did all but one of the collections on a level 12 character while the city towers were held by the Court of Tears.

Tomes in Maj

Trivial Collections in Maj’Dul

  • A Tale of the Arena
  • An Oasis in the Desert
  • Selected Poems
  • The Nights of the Dead
  • The Second Wife’s Tale

While you are collecting these, you may wish to collect the exploration experience from the zone as well (I was able to reach each of these locations except Outcast Ledge when the city was KoS).

Exploration Locations in Maj’Dul

  • Skygazer Plateau
  • Library of Light
  • The Sultan’s Palace
  • The Court of Truth
  • Outcast’s Ledge
  • The Court of Tears
  • The Court of the Blades
  • Champion’s Court
  • The Midday Market
  • The Gilded Twilight Terrace
  • The Court of the Coin
  • The Golden Scepter

Note that Outcast Ledge is difficult to get to if the towers are held by the Court of Tears – I waited for a zone reset to get that experience along with Selected Poems page 20.

Get Exp Quick

Get comfortable in front of the Golden Sceptre, join a couple of chat channels, and spend a few hours harvesting !’s. If you clear them, they will respawn faster; however if you harvest the ! without looting the resulting page it will reset in two minutes anyway. This can be handy if you are only sporadically harvesting and short on inventory space.

Your priority is to get the following four harvested no-drop pages:

  • A Tale of the Arena page 16
  • The Nights of the Dead Page 11
  • The Second Wife’s Tale Page 8
  • Selected Poems page 5

No-drop pages

There is a fifth no-drop page which is for a collection which can’t be completed in the city, so is not relevant for the moment. You should receive most of the other dropped pages you need while collecting the no-drop ones. If not, you can keep harvesting or simply start collecting the next batch and hope you get lucky. I found all the droppable pages on the broker for under a gold each.

Then use the map below in combination with the in-game map to run around collecting the no-drop pages which are picked up from specific locations. Note that these are ALL no-drop although they aren’t marked as such on Ripchi’s spreadsheet. All of these locations are marked on the EQ2 Interface map which you can install to show locations on your in-game map. If you have this mod, simply turn off everything but “locations” and you’ll be able to navigate to the correct dots very quickly using this map for reference.

Maj Dul Tome Collection Map

Note: The red dots are thieves that you will need to rush past or get near in order to complete the collections.

At level 15, the quest gave me three levels, at level 41, I received just over half a level. Even if you are level 80, if you haven’t done these collections you’ll find them worth it for the fast AA.

Before and After


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