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Game Update 45 will see Tome Collection experience reduced, along with the removal of no-drop pages. A number of these are quite simple and as such it’s worth your while to get the updates quick

Tome collections in Kunark are much simpler than previous tiers for two reasons: the pages from a specific book are found in a single discreet area, rather than multiple books which can spawn all over the zone. This means that when you wish to complete a book, you aren’t juggling dozens of different pages trying to find one specific one. The other difference is that the pages are all droppable, thus you can trade to complete your tomes exactly like you would any other collection.

This difference will disappear as of Game Update 45, when all tome pages will become tradeable.

Jindrack wrote

I removed the No-Trade flag from those book collection pages that were mob dropped and/or (!) ground page spawns. The collections that had one of their pages changed had their experience significantly reduced because the potential to completely buy the collection now exists.

This affected tome collections in the Shattered Lands, DoF, KoS, Fallen Dynasty, and EoF. This did not include the Cloak of Flames collection which still requires you to kill for each of the pages.

Overall this is a great change and I’m pleased that my provisioner will finally be able to complete her cookbook collection. However, a few of these collections are very easy to complete and don’t require any killing at all. So my immediate reaction to the news is to grab the pages fast before the experience is reduced, especially on Paxmar
who needs all the experience she can get!

I’ll be spending the weekend going through the different collections that don’t require chest/body drops (thus doable at all levels) to get a view of the best experience over-all as there is only a limited time in which to do this. First will be the tome collections in Maj’Dul along with a handy map. You may wish to subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss this series.


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