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One of the things that has amazed me with Paxmar is how much money she is earning by selling low level collection items and harvests. I usually store all these things on mules (unplayed characters, generated only for storage space) but as Paxmar isn’t to be twinked, I don’t see why she should help support my twinkers. So if she can’t use something, she drops it straight onto the bazaar at the going rate. Admittedly, she probably spends a lot more time collecting and harvesting than the average player and the lower tiers are probably least represented. But still, from these sales, she’s already got a plat of her own money and she’s only level 10!

It takes some time to complete low-level collections but there are some clear hotspots that can help you on your way and you’ll get lots of extras that you can sell on for a profit … or hand to your alts, collections being the best power-levelling system in the game.

Keeping track of collections is easy with Ripchi’s Collection Tracking Sheet – I have a print-out for each of my characters and simply tick things off as I find them. It also includes all the tome collections, with waypoints where appropriate.

Before you start, make sure that your Particle Level of Detail is set to max (Particle Effects can be found under Options -> Display) so that you can see the ?’s from as far away as possible.

You don’t have to take collection items you don’t need – if you choose not to loot the item, the ? will fade in two minutes and a new one will appear in a separate location. However, if you are actively hunting for shineys it is faster to clear them.

Tier 1 collections

These are the collections that you would find in tier one zones. The levels associated with collections are not always logical (Butterflies are in the newbie zones but marked as level 15 the same as the Antonican collections) so the actual collection level will not necessarily match the tier listing.

  • Shells
  • Feathers
  • Chipped Shards
  • Scuffed Shards
  • Moths
  • Butterflies

Shells and Feathers were initially only found on the newbie islands but can now also be found in specific adventure yards. You can find feathers in The Sprawl and Oakmyst Forest and shells in Sunken City and Forest Ruins.

The global Tier 1 collections are chipped and scuffed shards and shattered bones: these are found in every newbie zone with the exception of the Kelethin Nursery. Greater Faydark starts with tier two collections, there are no tier one collectons there.

Moths and Butterflies are a total of four collections each. You need four different colors of each type (plain, spotted, striped) and then each collection can be used for a further final collection Moths are found in evil areas: the adventure yards of Freeport, Darklight Wood and Timomous Deep. Butterflies are for the good-for-nothing-aligned characters and can be found in Qeynos adventure yards. If the zones are gray, the Caves is probably my second favorite of the Qeynos zones – if you are low-level then Forest Ruins is easier to manage.

Oakmyst Forest is a great zone for shards and butterflies but if there are more than a few people collecting the question marks you may wish to move on. It can get crowded fast.

Timorous Deep is my favorite zone for shards and moths. The beach around the Prophet of the Tribunal at -289,-2,-154 is a great spot because it has two to three spawns at a time and it’s completely safe. I left Paxmar parked there while I watched a film, I simply cleared the shineys every 10 minutes and by the end of it she had quite the moth collection going. Darklight Woods also seems to have abundant nodes so I think I’d go there over the Freeport adventure yards where spawns seem a bit sparser.


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