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Game Update 44 is live with a new raid zone, the Shard of Hate. To celebrate, there is a quest available in the various starting cities for players of all levels. There are a number of quest givers and two quests.

Dispelling the Hate is offered to good-aligned citizens:

  • a worried halfling in South Qeynos at 732,-20,177
  • a worried froglok in North Qeynos at 314,-21,12
  • a worried froglok in Kelethin at 433,91,163

The Power of Hate is offered to evil- and neutral-aligned citizens:

  • a delighted human in North Freeport at -31,-20,-300
  • a satisfied darkelf in Neriak at -18,11,76
  • a delighted human in Gorowyn at -18,11,76 (ground level)


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