MMORPG Info Logo Will They Pay-out in Gold?

There is a good write-up in the Sun-Sentinel of the World of Warcraft RMT court case that Antonio Hernandez has filed against IGE U.S. in Florida. He’s filed it as a class action suit which means that the court case could, if successful, involve a pay-out for every one of World of Warcraft’s ten million subscribers.

“This loss of time, conservatively, amounts to hundreds of thousands of hours of subscriber time and causes the irreparable harm of driving subscribers away from World of Warcraft,” according to Hernandez’s lawsuit. “The economic harm incurred by this loss of time is in the millions of dollars.”

This will be critical as IGE have already argued that Hernandez can’t show loss which would mean there is no case. They’ve also stated that they are not selling gold – which IGE most certainly is but IGE U.S. may not be – that is, Hernandez is suing the wrong company. The key is the class-action component, if Hernandez can show that the gamers have suffered loss.

Needless to say Blizzard (and every other big gaming business) will be watching this like a hawk.

No surprise that the Google ads on that page are for buying WoW gold – I’d have thought they would watch for negative articles when doing the keyword matching !


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