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MMORPG Info Logo Hitchhikers Adventure Game

It’s been 20 years since the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was released as an adventure game on 5¼” floppy disks.

20 years, and I’ve still not finished it.

This time, I’m going to crack it. The BBC have released two editions based on the results of a contest to supply graphics for the classic game. Edition One is with graphics by Nolan Worthington, who won the competition, while Edition Two is predominantly illustrated by runner-up Andrew Wyld but also includes favorite location images from other entrants. The saved games are not tied to the editions, so you can swap back and forth as often as you like.

The original hints are included as a link but if that’s not enough for you (and it certainly wasn’t enough for me when I bought the original version), the big difference between then and now is that it’s easy to look up a walk-through. I’ll be avoiding reading it to start but if I get stuck on the Heart of Gold again, you can bet I’ll take a quick peek. Wow, it’s been twenty years and I still know exactly where I threw in the towel.

I’ll be slogging along at this on the evenings when I’m not in the mood for multi-player. Let me know if you are playing too and we can share tips!


MMORPG Info Logo Before You Go to Chardok

Kylong Plains has a secondary faction that can be worked up: the Gwalnax Brigade. The Brigade is in charge of Di’Zokian clandestine operations in Kunark but they are not on the same faction as the Di’Zok. You’ll find the Gwalnax Brigade in the western Kylong Plains, near the entrance to Chardok.

You begin with threatening faction (-30,000) and you won’t be able to see the quest line offered by them until you have raised this to indifferent. Gaining faction and the initial quests are all solo. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo No More Regionalization

Why there are still corporates who consider ghettoizing European players as acceptable is beyond me. I was leery when I found that by buying Lord of the Rings in Europe, I could only play on European servers. In fact, I looked into having a US box shipped to me but in the end decided I was being silly and picked up a local copy of the game.

I regretted it almost immediately. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo The Shadow of Odyssey

Tipa is ahead of the game once again, posting the latest trademark filing by Sony : Everquest II: The Shadow of Odyssey which will be the fifth expansion for the game. She predicted that the next expansion would be Luclin – and I hope she’s right with this description:

Well, no, I didn’t love Luclin as it was in EQ1. I love the idea of what Luclin will be NOW — blown apart, flying between the shards of the moon, an entirely new landscape and a chance for EQ2 to finally break from EQ1 and do something totally original.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

But then there have been the recent lore articles posted, telling the tale of the Escape from Guk and the Flight of the Mudskipper. Odyssey could quite simply be a reference to Odus, known to be a favorite of Vhalen, who has recently left Sony but confirmed that the lore for the next expansion is complete.

Certainly it’s not sounding like Velious, which had been the most common guess.

Now that the speculation has started, hopefully it won’t take long before we get some real information!

Edit: Tipa points out in the comments that Cyanbane from EQ2-Daily made the find – and if you are interested in speculation you should keep an eye out for her piece in Massively.


MMORPG Info Logo AoC Screenshots

I’ll write some preliminary comments about the weekend beta but it’s difficult to say a lot – the client was a cut-down version and apparently also out of date. PvE was limited to the tutorial. PvP involved insta-boosting to level 20 (so most people hadn’t a clue how to play their class) and you had to cope with a laggy PvP lobby and quick instances. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t enough for me to feel I can make sweeping statements about the game.

At least two balance-breaking issues were found so from that point of view it was a success. And I finally got off the fence and pre-ordered … and I know I’m not the only one. From the slice of the game that I saw, I think it has serious potential.

But do remember that it was just a slice, not the game. I’m amazed at some of the reviews out there and some of the conclusions they are drawing from a relatively minor view of the game – especially those judging the PvE aspect from a tutorial aimed at taking you through basic gameplay.

Meanwhile, I collected some screenshots so you can have a peek. 🙂 [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Getting the Age Of Conan Client


Two of my friends confirmed that they got into the weekend beta – I guess I would have heard by now if I was in. Oh well.

Friday Afternoon:

Just got home to find a mail saying I’m in! OH! It says in a few days but the beta has already started. I better grab the client quick.

Friday Evening:

Gamespot web page still says that I failed to get into the beta which means there’s no route to the client download. Looking at the beta forums, this is affecting a lot of people – I suspect all the people that got late keys on Friday. Someone else has posted a link to a set of four .rar files so I’m downloading the first two parts. It’s estimating 50 hours. This isn’t good. [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Maj’Dul Tome Collections

The easy place to start grabbing tome collections is Maj’Dul where there are a few collections which consist of harvests with a few clicky spots. Ripchi’s collection sheet gives all the details for the pages and I recommend using it to keep track of your characters’ collections – once you know you have the no-drop pages for each collection you can look at the broker where you’ll find most Maj’Dul pages selling for a gold or less each.

Revised Sinking Sands [More…]


MMORPG Info Logo Grab Your !s Quick

Game Update 45 will see Tome Collection experience reduced, along with the removal of no-drop pages. A number of these are quite simple and as such it’s worth your while to get the updates quick

Tome collections in Kunark are much simpler than previous tiers for two reasons: the pages from a specific book are found in a single discreet area, rather than multiple books which can spawn all over the zone. This means that when you wish to complete a book, you aren’t juggling dozens of different pages trying to find one specific one. The other difference is that the pages are all droppable, thus you can trade to complete your tomes exactly like you would any other collection.

This difference will disappear as of Game Update 45, when all tome pages will become tradeable.



MMORPG Info Logo WoW Wondering

Wondering what to do today? have done a great Daily Quest Guide, rated and broken down by area. This is great for gaining the most out of your 25 quests per day – bookmark it now!

Wondering what not to do today? Don’t mess around with Customer Service! Auryk posts an in-depth breakdown of a petition gone wrong ending in a reminder not to attempt to defraud your GMs.

Wondering what’s to come for tomorrow? WoW Insider reports that Wrath of the Lich King is in alpha and that initial invites have gone out for testing.


MMORPG Info Logo Tier One Collections

One of the things that has amazed me with Paxmar is how much money she is earning by selling low level collection items and harvests. I usually store all these things on mules (unplayed characters, generated only for storage space) but as Paxmar isn’t to be twinked, I don’t see why she should help support my twinkers. So if she can’t use something, she drops it straight onto the bazaar at the going rate. Admittedly, she probably spends a lot more time collecting and harvesting than the average player and the lower tiers are probably least represented. But still, from these sales, she’s already got a plat of her own money and she’s only level 10!

It takes some time to complete low-level collections but there are some clear hotspots that can help you on your way and you’ll get lots of extras that you can sell on for a profit … or hand to your alts, collections being the best power-levelling system in the game. [More…]