MMORPG Info Logo News Round-Up

I’ll be traipsing around real-world bogs this week but there’s plenty to keep you occupied if you are short of reading material!

Turbine finally announced their big secret: the Mines of Moria expansion. We can look forward to two new classes, level cap raised to 60 and new advancements for crafters. Personally, I’m just looking forward to fishing in Lothlorien.

Meanwhile on World IV, Tuebit writes an analysis of the weaknesses of LotRO from the point of view of a level 50 hunter. Be sure to read the comments where the arguing commences conversation continues. I love the exploration aspects of LotRO but I must admit that I also browse the web during combat on my minstrel. reviews The Ten-Cent Plague, a new book dealing with the struggles to get comic books accepted, drawing the obvious corollary to the gaming industry today. It looks like a good read.

On the other side of the coin is Yahoo’s vaguely tongue-in-cheek look at Seven Ways to Win Back Your Gaming Spouse for those neglected non-gamers (hey, find a game!). I was a bit disappointed by the piece but that was quickly superseded by my enjoyment of Sanya’s excellent rebuttal, Eight Tips to Save Your Marriage to a Gamer.

Tipa has written an interesting commentary on Betaleaks, offering coverage of games in beta and what the testers are leaking. Tipa’s views on why this is a bad idea is right on target.

And in the better late than never category, last week Cuppycake found a Legends of Norrath card announcing that the bards and troubadours of Azeroth will be singing praises! Ooops! The offending card has since been removed from the website.


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