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“For many years the Iksar wandered Kunark, seeking shelter and food. They began to form small packs, which formed larger tribes. After six decades, these tribes numbered five – the Kunzar, the Obulus, the Jarsath, the Kylong and the Nathsar. Feuds and skirmishes between the five tribes tore much of Kunark apart. Some shaman of the Iksar tapped into the powers of their original master, the god Cazic Thule, and their power grew. Others began delving into the darker arts left behind by the Shissar and others practiced hand to hand combat as an art.”

The Rise of Kunark expansion includes 4 zones with progressively higher NPCs and quest lines:

Traveling in Kunark

Travel in Kunark is primarily based on Sokokar posts. In order to use these posts, you must first do a set of quests which will reward you with a sokokar that will allow you to use the posts. If you are under level 65 in adventure levels but have a tradeskill at level 65 or over, you can do the Sokokar quest for tradeskillers instead. Once you have your own sokokar, you must travel to each post to bind your sokokar to that location. Each post has a maximum of three other posts that it is connected to – use our route map for further detail.

There are two druid rings (Kylong Plains and Kunzar Jungle) and a single wizard spires (Kylong Plains). You can also quest for the Warped Hammer of the Overthere which will give you access to Overthere Gate. In order to start this quest, you must have ally status with the three main factions in Jarsath Wastes.

Kunark Factions

Every Kunark zone includes faction camps which offer benefits such as access to merchants, additional revive locations, menders and a quartermaster who sells items only available at that camp. As an overview, we have a table of the Kunark Faction Rewards which can be purchased from the quartermasters of the different camps.

Crafters have a separate set of quests and rewards which beings with a tradeskill quest in Kylong Plains. Bathezid’s Watch, Riliss and Legion of Danak each have unique faction recipes for tradeskillers.

The factions are by zone (that is, faction in one zone will not affect the factions in another zone, with the exception of the occassional introductory quest) but within the same zone the primary factions are often opposing. Despite this, it is possible (if not necessarily advantageous at this time) to gain ally faction with every factions via the quest lines and repeatable quests. In every zone except Kunzar Jungle, you can also kill NPCs for positive faction and no detriment for every primary faction.

Kylong Plains

Fens of Nathsar

Kunzar Jungle

Jarsath Wastes

In addition there are two addiitonal factions which offer quests and specific quest rewards:

Click through the linked factions to see detailed guides for gaining faction in those camps and the benefits of that faction. Before choosing faction items, be sure to look at the full overview of Kunark Faction Rewards.


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