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You’ve probably been quite concerned about the sudden silence – and rightly so! I’ve had the most lovely time horrendous experience since I’ve last updated my blog.

I was abducted by an evil gnome! Honestly! He tied me up and declared he was going to hold me for ransom. It didn’t take him long to discover that there was no one with enough platinum in my family to make it worth his while. This was no simple-minded gnome who would give up easily, however. He cackled as he told me that he had a plan.


It turned out he had a tinkered flying machine and he used that to take me to the middle of nowhere. When I looked out the window I could see nothing but dusty red plains with ice-tipped mountains far on the horizon. Where was he taking me? I struggled to remember my childhood geography classes and I realized that the sand dunes I saw below me must mean he was taking me to the Desert of Flames.

carpetsWe finally stopped at a dry area that he said was a crocodile hunters’ camp where he claimed to have some business. I wasn’t sure what was going on but it became clear when he dragged me to Elkhazi (Purveyor of Fine Carpets) and asked him what he’d give for a “nice slave girl” – and he was talking about me! Elkhazi showed him his store of carpets which I thought were beautiful but the gnome was unimpressed because they weren’t flying carpets. Elkhazi said he’d want a lot more for a flying carpet and it seemed the negotiations were over.

snake charmerWe went into a noisy city which I immediately recognised as Maj’Dul. There were people everywhere and things for sale and even a snake charmer! I knew better than to look in any of the baskets though, you never know what might be lurking within. There was so much to see, it was hard to know which way to look. I hailed everyone I saw and I made sure to look in every antique shop for books of ancient legend or perhaps a magical skull. I was somewhat disappointed not to find a single quest. It seemed I was the only Damsel in Distress and not an adventurer in sight. Speaking of which, I would like to ask where you all were! Gallavanting around Kunark, no doubt.


Meanwhile, I was having a wonderful afternoon weaving through the souk and looking at all the goods for sale horrendous time being dragged around the market by my kidnapper who was still convinced that he could sell me for a profit. We ate kefta and couscous standing up at a stall and drank Moroccan tea with extra sugar and then spent the night in a beautiful riad humble abode where I tried to convince my captor to release me.

He had become convinced that he could trade me in for a camel but finally, as we were passing the Tower of the Moon, a Shai’ir spotted us and swooped down on his magic carpet. He informed the evil gnome that the slave trade was no longer tolerated in Maj’Dul. Anyway, he said, it wasn’t practical to take a camel on public transport and it was a very long hike back down to the docks, even on a camel. So we took a flying carpet back to Sinking Sands where the gnome agreed to allow me to return home safe and sound.

Mosque at Sunset

And that’s why it’s been so quiet around here! I’m sorry for the lack of warning but one doesn’t tend to plan for a kidnapping! Regular service should be resumed shortly.

(If you want to know the real story, you can read about it on Fear of Landing. But you can still blame Sixes for my absence.)


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