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Game Update 43 is live and includes new recipes for all tradeskillers. Hurray! However, there’s a catch: you need a significant amount of faction in order to get the recipes.

Kunark has three factions of interest to tradeskillers: Bathezid’s Watch, Riliss, and Legion of Danak. Tradeskillers have always been able to gain faction with these factions but up until recently there was not much incentive. Now each of these factions carries two new unique recipes (or sets of recipes) per tradeskill.

Each faction has the same timeline:

  • Apprehensive (-10,000) You can purchase fuel (beware of Danak Shipyard!)
  • Amiably (10,000) Quartermaster will sell you advanced recipe books and prov advanced recipe
  • Kindly (20,000) initial faction-based tradeskill recipe(s)
  • Warmly (30,000) secondary faction-based faction recipe(s)

In addition, -20,000 with Bathezid’s Watch gains you access to Tradeskill Epic Quest.

Note: Although you may be pleased when you gain the convenience of purchasing fuel locally, you should be careful. Not all merchants in Kunark are fair with their pricing.

Bathezid’s Watch

Bathezid’s Watch are located in the Fens of Nathsar. The tradeskill area is indoors at 1191,203,1444. At apprehesive faction you can purchase fuel from Wholesaler Le’Gauqs at hometown pricing. Once you’ve achieved amiable faction (10,000), you will find Advanced Recipe Books for levels 70-75 are available from Tac Ci’Toruen at 1198,203,1425 at a cost of 10g36s80c each. You can also purchase two sets of provisioner recipes: Di’Zok Provisioning Infusions and Di’Zok Provisioning Reductions. Further recipes for each tradeskill become available at 20,000 and 30,000 faction for 12g96s each.


The city of Riliss is located in the Fens of Nathsar. The tradeskill area is at -699,60,-85. There you can purchase fuel from Wholesaler Dressik at hometown prices once you have apprehensive faction. Advanced Recipe Books for level 70-75 are available from Klok Zlazx at -763,50,-214 once you have 10,000 faction. Provisioners can purchase their advanced meat recipes here: Sathirian Provisioning Reductions and Sathirian Provisioning Infusions. Further recipes for each tradeskill become available at 20,000 and 30,000 faction for 12g96s each.

Legion of Danak

The Legion of Danak is located in Jarsath Wastes with headquarters at the Danak Shipyards. The tradeskill area is at -167,-33,1096. It is possible to purchase fuel from Rhe’taxus and normal recipe scrolls from Gore once you’ve achieved apprehensive faction, however this is at a mark-up. If you are doing writs, you should avoid buying fuel from Rhe’taxus, as it will get expensive quickly. As there is a mailbox nearby, you are better purchasing the fuel on an alt at normal prices and posting it to yourself for use in the shipyards. In addition, you should avoid selling your goods to either of these merchants but instead use the Quartermaster next door.

Once you have amiable faction (10,000+) you can purchase Advanced Recipe Books for level 76-79 from Eviss Ryiss at -105,-41,1106 at a price of 10g36s80c each. Ryiss also sells the advanced provisioner recipe, Sathirian Magma Recipes, which offers unique provisioner recipes for cooking with magma fish. Further recipes for each tradeskill become available at 20,000 and 30,000 faction and sell for 12g96s each.

Note: You can not get past 30,000 faction by doing writs. To gain full faction you must do adventurer quests. If you are able to do adventurer quests for faction, you will generally find this a much faster route than doing writs.

Gaining Faction

First thing you should do is get access to the Sokokar posts. If you have under level 70 in adventuring and at least level 70 in tradeskills, you’ll find a a specific questline for Sokokar access for tradeskillers.

Once you’ve achieved that, you should go to Teren’s Grasp and speak to Taskmaster Greeblentus to start gaining faction in Kunark. You will need a minimum of level 70 in your tradeskill to get this quest.

Completing this quest will give you enough positive faction with Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch that you can enter their areas and allows you to start doing writs.

In order to gain faction with Danak Shipyard, you will have to return to Greeblentus with a minimum tradeskill level of 75 and take the quest High Risks, Higher Profits. This is a much simpler quest and there is a write up of the quest, including maps, on EQ2 Traders Corner. Finishing this quest will again give you enough faction with the Legion of Danak that you will not be KOS and can begin doing writs.

I’ll be writing in more detail about the writs soon so if you are just starting out, you might want to subscribe to the feed
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