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The detailed preview of GU 43 gives a lot more information about the changes to come. I’m pleased to see new brokers and bankers being added, which will make some of the Freeport and Qeynos zones more comfortable. The new info still doesn’t help me understand the changes to shiny harvesting, though. The original preview says:

Have you ever harvested a “shiny” to only wish you hadn’t? That irresistible, sparkling glow that lured you to harvest it ends up being a collectible added to the other 5 of the same item in your inventory; an item that is too low of level to sell for a respectable amount to a vendor and so common that no one’s buying it from a broker. Upcoming with Game Update 43, you’ll be able to choose to keep it or leave it! “Shiny” collectables will soon work much like treasure chests, giving you the option of taking the item with you or even setting that “shiny harvest” to lotto with others within your current group!

I have visions of zones full of common shiny collectables after the cherry pickers go through. Or perhaps, like treasure chests, they fade shortly after someone attempts to harvest them. In which case, why bother? The player may as well delete the ones he doesn’t want. Certainly when harvesting blues you have to clear the ones that are there to get new ones, so I’m not at all sure what they are up to with this.

I do like the Need before Greed looting, which will allow looting to be sped up without the system deciding what people should and shouldn’t want. Although it would be nice if you could opt out of round robin for no-trade items as opposed to having to decide by tier. If you have a transmuter in the group, you are unlikely to use round robin, because of this.

Denmum has done a whole set of previews for crafters who want to know what’s coming in the update, including an image gallery. Those Preserved Sathirian Skulls are freaking me out.

The Dev Chat on Allakhazam’s ended up with lots of “wait and see” responses but these comments caught my eye:

The map system is still well under way. While we don’t have a release date set for it yet, it is still something that is in our production pipleline. When we get it in a state that is closer to release we’ll probably have a better idea when it’ll go live.

The art for guildhalls is nearing completion from our soga studio, and we are starting to iron out the laundry list of features. Right now we can’t give you any specific dates on when to expect them, but you can expect them. (And they look awesome… Really)

I am currently looking into some of the ranger issues. The arrows will be made level 70 min level with a level 80 use level. Overall they will get a slight rise to dps from combat arts and I added a bit of utility to them as well.
So stayed tuned for gu44 there should be some nice changes for you guys 🙂

Game Update 43 goes live next week – and a little bird told me Brewer’s Day events were starting as of this weekend although the quests aren’t due until around the 14th. I’m keeping an eye on the low level zones in hopes of getting to take part this year. 🙂


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