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The Skleross are a separatist clan of the deadly Scorpikis, from which the hostile Durus also stem. Their encampment is located at the very far north of eastern Jarsath’s Waste in Traitors Pass. They have their own sokokar post at 800,-23,-1225 which connects to Stonehoof Badlands, Howling Stones and Skyfire. You’ll find the initial quest NPC, Lord Sheckt, sitting under a tent (which obscures his quest quill) at -795,-25,-1190. The encampment also includes a mender and a faction merchant.

The quest line is linear and, like the Sel’Nok faction line, should be completed roughly in order. Although you can start the Skyfire quests before ever speaking to Lord Sheckt, you will not get your final faction reward until you have completed the other quests in the Skelross series.

Gaining Faction

The quest line for Skleross faction begins with Lord Sheckt at -795,-25,-1190. You can see detailed walk-through for the full quest line on EQ2i.

You need to speak to Lord Sheckt

Lord Sheckt will ask you to put flowers on his brother’s grave in the chasm near the Charasis entrance. This initial quest pays out with 15,750 faction which sorts out any issues you may have had with the locals not being friendly. He’ll offer another quest for 15,750 faction to kill Durus (which give positive faction for Skleross as well), so you may wish to combine this with the Hunter quests which require you to kill Durus repeatedly.

After you’ve completed these quests, he’ll send you to speak to Master Sniks who is camping at 700,-35,-280 on the river’s edge near the Howling Stones sokokar post. Sniks will require you to prove yourself by doing a number of quests for 1,000 faction each for his companions, Quartermaster Ulrothk (who is not a faction merchant) and Herd Master Rudek. Keep these quests in synch as they both take place in similar areas to the south of the camp and both NPCs will ask you to kill ambushing grindhooves (which are not the ones local to the camp, sadly).

Once you’ve proven yourself, you will be sent back to Sheckt with a fishy flank and he’ll ask you to see Shaman Medicus in Skyfire. The Shaman will require your aid to find the Tome of Fate. You will not be successful but it is the jackpot in terms of faction: 50,000 with Clan Skleross when you report back to Lord Sheckt having finished the quest line from the Shaman.

It is trivial to gain ally status through completing this quest line but you can also gain faction by killing members of Clan Durus, who are not a primary faction (you can never gain faction with them). Each dead scorpikis from the Durus clan is worth 100 faction.

Benefits of Faction

Once you have positive indifferent faction (that is, zero or more), you will find the traders of the Skleross encampment are happy to deal with you. Nyber Efiw, the Clan Skelross Mender, is located at -869,-17,-1193 and will mend your gear and purchase your items from you at home-town prices. Tragen Gorschk, Clan Skleross Trader, is across the way at –861,-19,-1158. He is the faction merchant and will also purchase goods from you at home-town prices.

The Warp Hammer quest line from Necromancer Corporiss requires you to buy a piece of the Overthere Hammer from every primary faction in Jarsath Wastes. The Legendary Hammer Head is available from Tragen Gorschk for 1g20s but you need 40,000 faction with the Skleross (and to be on the appropriate quest to collect the items). You will need all three parts of the hammer in order to create the Warp Hammer, which offers swift travel to Kunark.

Once you have achieved ally status (40,000 faction or more), the following items can be purchased from Tragen Gorschk:

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Be sure to check all the faction rewards to make sure you are getting the best item before buying!


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