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I’ve made a new character on EQ2: Paxmar. She’s a bit different from my other alts in that she’s a pacifist: she won’t kill anything. Exploration, run-around quests, cataloguing is all good. But no hurting things and certainly murdering is not an option.

She’s also vegetarian but that’s pretty easy to deal with. She does need food and drink for regen when sprinting through aggro areas but she doesn’t have a weapon and she’s not particularly bothered about her armor. It’s oddly liberating not to be even thinking about spell upgrades.

She’s a gnome, because I thought the wild hair and glasses and serious look suited her. She’s a fury, simply so that I could make the pun in the title. Although having someone able to port will be useful, I have to admit.

She’ll be a tradeskiller – I’m not sure which tradeskill yet although obviously she won’t make weapons.

Paxmar at the Claymore Rally

She won’t help other people kill – healing in a group that is killing doesn’t make sense to me, although she would of course heal someone if she saw them hurting and not in the process of hurting someone else. She’s planning on doing a lot of traveling and book quests.

I’ll be posting irregularly about her progress to see how far I can get with a rabid pacifist gnome. I’ll also be doing an in-character version which will be fun … and will give me a chance to explain why she has two kills against her showing on EQ2players. Oops. :/

I’ve made a special category for “pacifist”, so if you only want to follow the adventures of Paxmar, you can get her updates by subscribing to her own personal feed.

First installment: The Isle of Refuge



  • Tipa wrote:

    Rabid pacifist? So, even if a wolf with rabies bit her she wouldn’t (or didn’t, I guess), kill it?

    Well, I guess with any other race, people would notice, but gnomes always seem a little insane anyway 😛

  • Taymar wrote:

    Hmm, I meant as in furious but I suppose that was a bad choice of phrase!

    This sort of started in my head way back when they stopped us kicking the cat into the pond in the Hidden Cache. Wiping out crowds on people standing around minding their own business was ok – but don’t kick the cat!

    It’s amazingly instinctive to attack things though – I’ve had to move all her hotkeys out of the way to stop accidental aggression!

  • Tipa wrote:

    Someone was doing the same thing in WoW. They ended up doing most of their leveling in battlegrounds, of all places.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Yeah – he was “only” stunning – which I really didn’t see as pacifist. There was a comment of “but there’s no other way to level”. I can understand the problem (I couldn’t do this toon on LOTRO) and I could even accept a M*A*S*H type scenario of on the battlegrounds and healing while morally objecting. But I did think stunning crossed the line.

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