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There are half a dozen fast travel options in EQ2 which can get you to various points on Norrath at the click of a button. These abilities have a 30 second cast time, so are not usable as an escape mechanism and have a one hour cooldown. Every character receives a call spell at the point of character creation but there are additional methods of teleportation in the game which can be earned. Most of these require a fair amount of effort but the ease of travel thereafter is well worth the questing.

Call of Hometown

Every class gains a call spell at the start, which will teleport you to your hometown (Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn). You can set your exact bind point using the ability “Set Recall Point” but it will only work within your hometown. Note that for Freeport and Qeynos which have multiple zones, you can set your bind point to any one of these zones. A newbie village or the Qeynos Harbor docks are popular locations.

Return to Splitpaw

The Splitpaw adventure pack gives the reward of a glowing azure shard which has the effect of Return to Splitpaw, which teleports you into the Splitpaw dens at the entrance to the caves. A right-click on the caves takes you up to Thundering Steppes, right near the Coldwind Station Griffon Tower. The Splitpaw adventure pack consists of instanced quests which scale from level 20 to level 50.

You must first gain access to the Splitpaw Dens. If you have the Splitpaw adventure pack, type /claim to get a darkened azure shard to gain the access quest. Inspecting this will give you the quest A Darkened Shard.

EQ2i has a detailed walk-through for A Darkened Shard and A Darkened Shard Part 2. Once you have made your way to the Splitpaw Dens, you need to complete three quests out of the following set of five:

The Ark of Harclave
The Arena (solo version only)
Flitch’s Prank
Crawlers Extermination
Alone in the Dark

You’ll need a group (or some serious mentoring) to complete three quests. All of these quests have walk-throughs on the EQ2i Splitpaw Saga page, those which update the shard are marked with an asterisk. Upon completing the third quest, you will be rewarded with the glowing azure shard with the Return to Splitpaw effect.

Call of Ro

Call of Ro requirers the Desert of Flames expansion and will teleport you to the carpet in Maj Dul. To gain this ability, you must first gain faction with one of the three court houses in Maj’Dul: Blades, Coin or Truth. Gaining faction with one house will reduce your faction with the other houses, so you should choose one.

There are two ways to gain faction: quests and tokens. Each house has a quest giver at the Sinking Sands docks, who will offer a number of repeatable quests which reward in faction. You can also turn in tokens from opposing houses to your house representative at the Tower of the Moon in Maj’Dul. Collect tokens by killing the guards in the tower, each guard will carry a single token from his house. There are scaled Grifter quests in Maj’Dul which are all soloable from level 45 and reward with 3 to 7 tokens in the faction of your choice. These have a lock-out of 20 minutes but can be a quick means of collecting tokens if the towers are not of the right faction or if you are having issues with crowd control. The tokens are tradeable so you can harvest them for someone else or even simply buy them off of the broker.

Once you have kindly faction with one of the courts of Maj’Dul, you can enter the court and speak to Raniyah, who will offer you the quest Becoming a Resident of Ro. Note that this does NOT change your hometown nor your standard bind-point. Maj’Dul accepts dual-residency and will not require you to give up your current residence. Raniyah’s quest requires you to kill T6 mobs, so you can not complete the quest to gain this ability on a low level character.

There is a walk-through for the quest on EQ2i. Once you have completed the quest you will gain the ability to cast Call of Ro.

Call of Inebriation

There are two items which can only be gained as loot cards from Legends of Norrath, which have the effect of Call of Inebriation. This effect allows you to set an additional bindpoint at any bartender in the game. There is at least one bartender per continent (Teren’s Grasp for fast travel to Kunark is especially useful).

To gain these items, you need Everquest 2 loot cards from the Legends of Norrath Oathbound expansion. You can buy a number of booster packs and hope to gain the item but if you are not actively playing the Legends of Norrath game, you will find it simpler to trade unopened booster packs for the card that yo want.

The card Craft Stein of the Alesmith gives you an a recipe to create two Steins of the Alesmith. These two steins are fully tradeable but must be attuned before you can use the Call of Inebration effect. The recipe is level 9 artisan and is no-drop.

The card Stein of Recollection awards with a single stein, no-drop, which has the effect Call of the Inebriated.

You will need to register for Legends of Norrath on the character with which you wish to collect the reward, as the card rewards are no-drop and not tradeable. You can register by purchasing a booster pack which will give you access to card trading on that character. Note you can trade across servers but the loot card reward will be available via the /claim interface on the character with which you completed the trade.

EQ2flames has a good write-up for using the trade interface.

Now you will need to find one of the two loot cards. Many people will offer loot cards in exchange for booster packs, so for example I offered 16 booster packs in exchange for one Craft Stein of the Alesmith card, which gave me two steins. I’m sure you could make a better deal if you played LoN and knew the high value playing cards. Find the best deal and purchase the booster cards in order to make the trade. Once you have made a deal, you will find that the loot card reward (recipe or stein) is available to your character within EQ2 via the /claim interface. Once you have the item with Call of Inebriation, you simply hail any NPC marked as a bartender and he will give you the option to bind yourself at his bar.

Overthere Gate

The Hammer of the Overthere is slightly different because the teleportation spell is a proc effect on the weapon. Tank-types should listen very carefully: having used the hammer for fast travel to Jarsath Wastes, please remember to unequip it after you have ported, before tanking for your group. If you manage to proc yourself out of the instance, your group will wipe and you will be in for weeks of teasing.

That said, gaining the item with the Overthere Gate has a number of prerequisites in order to complete the quest. You must have achieved ally faction with the three main factions in Jarsath Wastes: Danak, Sel’Nok
and Skleross. Each faction holds one piece of the hammer which you will need in order to reconstruct it, but the faction merchant will only sell it to those with over 40,000 faction.

Then you should find Necromancer Corporiss who is standing at the shore at Danak Shipyards. He has four quests for you which will culminate with your speaking to Utandar Rizndown for the quest Hammer in the Morning. He’ll ask you for the three hammer parts and reward you with a Worker Sledgemallet. You’ll see that the hammer has a 50% chance to cast Overthere Gate on a successful attack, which will teleport you to the Danak Shipyard.

Wormhole Generators

Tinkers can make a port item called a Wormhole Generator. There are currently two generators available: Wormhole Generator Antonica and Wormhole Generator Commonlands. The item can be used from inventory and has 2-hour cooldown (that is, you can only use the generator once every two hours). You do not have to have tinkering skill to use a generator. The
recipe uses 6 tynnonium clusters (t8 rare) so it is a rather expensive option.

In order to craft a wormhole generator, the tinker requires 350 skill in tinkering and the appropriate blueprints (dropped) to create.



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