MMORPG Info Logo Book 12 is here!

LOTRO US servers will be down on Wednesday, February 13th from 6am to 12pm Eastern time to patch Book 12: The Ashen Wastes. Although fishing has been pushed to Book 13 (boo!), this update will include the much-needed Angmar revamp, new solo quests between levels 10-20, appearance slots and barbershops, the Delving of Frór, Month of the Burglar, Month of the Guardian, Champion revamp and much much more!

While you are waiting for the servers to come up, take a look at Massively’s gorgeous screenshots series on One Shots, with a heavy Lord of the Rings bias (because Middle-Earth is as pretty as it gets, you know).

Or drool over the real photographs of the Ultimate PS3 set-up – all six million dollars worth of it.

If you want more intellectual interests, take a look at the write-up from Project Horseshoe, the second annual Game Design Think Tank and see what the industry movers and shakers are thinking about.

If that’s all too much, then just veg out and watch your monitor getting cleaned from the inside out. I’m sure it needs it!


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