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Brasse is working on completed Epic quest guides and is looking for help.

If you haven’t started your epic yet, you’ll find your quest starters and some initial information on – more than enough to get you started.

And if you are a bit further on than this, write it up! Brasse is making an offer that you won’t see every day:

I haven’t much to offer in return, but for every complete, non-plagiarized Epic Quest guide, I will put the author (or co-authors) in a comic, and maybe get you a special beer stein! A coffee mug for those few who do not like beer…

You can post to volunteer on the forums at The Brasse.

I’m somewhat removed from Norrath at the moment (actually at this moment I am in a renovated barn in Bull’s Green in Hertsfordshire, which is almost as bizarre), but you can bet I’ll be looking to help out once I’m back to civilization! I’m pretty sure Brasse will knock a few pounds off of the hips of my epic-wielding halfling if I ask nicely… 😉


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