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I’ve not tagged this as a guide as it’s quite rough. I didn’t get very far into the quest but for those who are just getting online, I thought I’d get you started. Meanwhile, I’m heading to sleep and then travelling all day – so I’m counting on you to tell me the next stage!

Speak to Danelak Hosfoak at 1196,203,1464 at Bathezid’s Watch in the Fens.

You’ll need faction to do this. There is a whole set of quests dedicated to helping low-level tradeskillers get around in Kunark. First you need to get access to the sokokar posts. Then, get faction with Bathezid’s Watch (and Riliss, which I suspect we’ll need for the epic) by doing the initial kunark crafting quest. Then you will need to do writs to get to apprehensive faction (that is, better than -20,000 faction). They pay out 750 faction, so if you can do the adventurer quests, you’ll probably find that quite a bit quicker.

So, assuming you’ve done all that, Danelak will ask you your tradeskill class and ask you to do 20 combines of one of your T8 class recipes. Do these, hail Danelak again.

He’ll ask you about what you know and then tell you about famous cabbage jewelery in Rivervale … something like that anyway. 🙂 Go to Rivervale and enter the Fool’s Gold.

There is a door at -64,-17,12 that I’m pretty sure wasn’t openable before. Go through there and you will find Neeta Cabbageleaf at -62,-17,-7.

There’s a lot of references to EQ1 items which made me laugh aloud. Then she sends you to Kelethin.

I should have brought a druid with me really….

Head for the Nursery in Greater Faydark and speak to the Matron, who will tell you to go to Steamfont to get a smoke bomb.

Go to Steamfont and then pop by Gnomeland Security and speak to Maladominus Poxbringer at -528,175,990.

He will ask you to forage various items from around Steamfont and flowers from the Loping Plains.

You’ll find scrap heaps around -199,92,914 near the Loping Plains zone line which you can harvest for bolts and grease and the power source. You can tell which is which by the visuals. The bolts show as a flat cog and the grease looks like a tin of grease. The power source looks like, well, a pile of scrap. The water pump is a larger cog sticking up out of the earth – I’ve seen it twice at -507,115,756 but that might be coincidence.

You can use Gnomish Divining Rods to help you to find these quicker. Just don’t get too close to the kobolds!

The Eternal Nightshades are harvested all over Sonborn cemetery in the Loping Plains.

Report back to Maladominus who will leave you waiting for a while and then hand over a Soporific Dispensorator.

Now you need to return to Neeta in Rivervale and tell her you have the distraction. She’ll port you into a version of the Drafling Tower. The port works on a group so you can go with your friends.

The bixies in here are heroic, three up arrow and range between level 90-96. Luckily you have the soporific — just keep using that to clear them out of your way. You’ll have to go deep into the tower to -77,63,-24 where you’ll find clickable flowers in the center room. Harvest your distilled jumjum and use the crystal to return to Neeta.

Ask her again about the jewelry and she’ll ask you which tradeskill class you are. At this point, the quest diverges by class. As a provisioner, I was asked to go to Nektropos Castle. As a tailor, I needed to travel to Whisperwind Isle in the Kingdom of Sky.

At this point, I gave up the ghost and went to bed. I won’t get a chance to play again until next week, so I’m counting on you lot to fill me in!


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