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Game Update 42 is upon us! The patch notes are on the forums and the servers are up!

A quick Q&A based on the questions coming fast and furiously on the servers:


1) Where does the tradeskill epic quest start?
Speak to Danelak Hosfoak at 1196,203,1464 at Bathezid’s Watch in the Fens.

You’ll need faction. Bathezid’s Watch are KoS to outsiders but if you don’t have adventure levels, don’t despair! You need to get access to the sokokar posts and then get Fens faction by doing the initial kunark crafting quest. Then you will need to do writs to get to apprehensive faction (that is, better than -20,000 faction). They pay out 750 faction, so if you can do the adventurer quests, then that is much quicker.

You can watch this thread for information as people gather it.

2) Where is the new tradeskill quest for advanced recipes?
Go to your city tradeskill society and speak to the Grandmaster in there. He’ll give you the level 35 quest Trademan Service, which requires you to harvest briarwood in Zek and the Enchanted lands. Provisioners gain two new drinks and one new, er, food. All fluff but they made me laugh.

3) How do I get my mannequin?
Mannequins are crafted. You need warmly faction with a city tradeskill society to purchase the recipe which is level 55 and scribable by any tradeskill class. You will need a rare T8 pelt to create a mannequin.


4) Where do I find the Erollisi Day quests and stuff?
Stop searching: it’s not there yet. They will appear on the 14th of Feb, be patient.

5) Where does the [fill-in-your-adventure-class] epic quest begin?
Try looking in the class forums, where you’ll probably find discussion about what people have found so far. Be warned that not all epic quests start solo.

6) They said the Anda quest series reward for mages was going to be fixed. Why does my Bracelet of Thuuga still have +healing?
The fix was to add in a new item for mages – you can sell your bracelet in return for an earring with +spell damage. Yes, that does mean you’ll lose any adornments. And it’s a bit annoying to find that it’s an earring now although apparently it’s exceedingly nice.


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